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Saturday, October 12, 2013

MooPig Job Skills Department :: "How to Fix the American Skills Gap"

Skills to pay the Bills
Re-blogged by Pat Darnell | Oct 12, 2013 | Bryan TX

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Although not very popular anymore, if ever they were popular, apprenticeship positions are missing in our world of work. Apprenticeship rates in there with occupations like "volunteering" or "Babysitting" ... but middle management requires a solid understanding of technology of the jobs they are given. Dealing with people, or soft skills, are based on the person's propensity to lubricate the middle management situation accurately.

LinkedIn posted to my gmail a series of job skill and interviewing articles. Here is an excerpt of "How to:

How to Fix the American Skills Gap | LinkedIn: "The process to get hired, however, is demanding. From an initial applicant pool that could number upward of two hundred, the group is narrowed to about thirty through a series of interviews and a test. About fifteen people get into an eight- to twelve-week boot camp of classes designed around problem-solving activities, not lectures. “The idea is to put them on an island and throw them a problem to solve,” Ruggiero says. “After all, that’s the way the real world works.” A world in which the skill-set of U.S. works is quickly falling behind."

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" ... Here’s the problem: the idea of graduating from a four-year college in the U.S. is so firmly ingrained in our culture that many of us have trouble envisioning anything else. It seems we send some kids off to college because there is nowhere else to put them. The campus is a convenient, albeit expensive, warehouse.
" ... By clinging to the belief that education after high school can be found only at a four-year college campus, we exclude large portions of the American population from sharing in the nation’s economic successes. In 1970, seven in every ten workers with a high school diploma or less were in the middle class; today, fewer than four in ten remain there. More and more jobs demand training beyond high school. By 2020, two out of every three jobs will require some sort of higher education.

" ... We need an expanded notion of what constitutes an education after high school to include more on-the-job training and apprenticeships in addition to classroom learning. In extending our definition of higher education, more attention needs to be given to “middle jobs.” These are positions that do not require a bachelor’s degree, but pay middle-class wages. Nearly half of the jobs in the United States today that put people in the middle class are these middle jobs.

" ... Corporate executives worry more about filling these positions than they do about finding employees for high-end careers in engineering, design, and technology. “We can secure all the grads we need from elite schools,” Thomas Bowler, senior vice president at United Technologies, told me. “That’s not a challenge. It’s the other half of the workforce that I worry about.”


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