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Saturday, December 10, 2011

MooPig's Own "Austerity Watch"

Someone Please Explain "Austerity Measures?"
by Pat Darnell | Dec 10, 2011 | Bryan TX

"If I were any more austere I would be bumped back to hominus erectus neanderthalus." ... It is the sentiment of all the Middle Class. But the catch is that even the Rockefeller's believe themselves to be Middle Class.

austerity measure ::
"An official action taken by a government in order to reduce the amount of money that it spends or the amount that people spend. (Source: Longman Business English Dictionary)"

It doesn't mention the flight of people to less austere places: Spain’s brain drain: Young talent flees crisis ... eh? That modern fact would decrease the population, making an artificial decrease in what people spend.

Maybe we will find it easy to understand complex business terms if all definitions were written using just common words, making even the most difficult business jargon clear and easy to understand.

Making sure we know the latest buzz-words –requires being completely up-to-date with real-world business English, referenced from thousands of example sentences which are taken from authentic business languages sources. That is why no one can fully explain "Austerity Measures" as it is being spouted every where today. No one person can keep up with the jargons that cover the international movement of austerity.

And besides, this misspent phrase conjures up images of dead despots -- Bin Laden, Ghaddafi, Sadam, -- gruesome death masks of muslim regimes from the last two years. You can't get much more austere than "dead," can you?

While the Muslim Reformation takes place over there, I find myself in the Age of Leisure-tronics here. Most every American is on the 36 hour work week, and overtime is a self-inflicted condition. I have ways to escape reality that defy gravity, that defy logic, and, defy natural selection.

In more define-able terms: Austere must mean imbalance ... there is an imbalance in wealth distribution, therefore austerity is demanded. Strange bed partners; wealth and austerity. What we experience is one man's austerity is another man's wealth. While Spain, for example, is cutting back, its citizenry is fleeing, and this  mainstream movement to tighten belts in Spain is mobilizing people who can afford to relocate. Spaniards and those affiliated are dropping out. It turns out, what is Spain's austerity is wealth for Latin America.

When will wealth be evenly distributed? HA!
Spain’s brain drain: Young talent flees crisis — RT:

The recent course of austerity measures has been directed by Germany. Stronger budget controls and sober fiscal coordination will result, in "... the EU’s interdependent economies will be better placed to chart a path to growth and job creation. [HERE] ... " HA Again!

Under the heading of "EU economic governance" austerity is in the future to be realized through these guidelines:
  • Medium-Term budgetary Objectives, MTO, will be monitored using actual expenditures compared to budget predictions, or nonconforming nations will have to wear a scarlet letter...
  • States with a debt that is 60% or greater of their Gross Domestic Product, GDP, will have to lick German boots...
  • All fiscal framework planning is to be fully disclosed multiple times during the year, with no hidden administration costs, debt or deficit costs, or face forced conversion to Lutheran Protestantism...
  • A new surveillance mechanism will aim to prevent and correct members' financial divergences. It will rely on an alert system that uses a scoreboard of indicators and in-depth country studies, and strict rules in the form of a new Excessive Imbalance Procedure, EIP; or be forced to stand up all day and not move or talk. (paraphrased. EU Economic Gov. HERE)

Summary: According to a EuroZone Crisis article, enshrined in a new international agreement: " ... General government budgets shall be balanced or in surplus; this principal shall be deemed to be respected if, as a rule, the annual structural deficit does not exceed 0.5 per cent of nominal GDP. Such a rule will also be introduced in member states’ national legal systems at constitutional or equivalent level. The rule will contain an automatic correction mechanism that shall be triggered in the event of deviation. (Davies, Gavin. 9 Dec 2011. HERE and HERE)  ... "

Define AUSTERITY MEASURES -- balanced budgets, surveillance, and penal codes... and escapism.

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