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Sunday, December 04, 2011

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RAGE of the Day
Retrieved by Pat Darnell | Dec 4, 2011 | Bryan TX

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Eason Dobbs (Cannot cite from faceBook, LINKS don't work) ??
Boehner to Push Payroll Tax Cut

House Speaker John Boehner said he will pass President Obama’s payroll tax cut, but only if the Democrats give a little on other GOP policies. In a closed-door meeting Friday morning, Boehner referred to the package he’s putting forward as turning “chicken shit into chicken salad,” according to people in attendance. His proposal will include an easing of environmental regulations on boilers as a precedent to building the controversial Keystone pipeline. Boehner will have some persuading to do, since there’s a lot of internal division among the GOP on whether to greenlight major Democratic policies, but the Speaker will try to couple them with measures that the Republicans want passed. Yesterday, a minority of the Senate voted to kill Obama’s payroll tax holiday. Obama demanded that Congress pass the bill before the holiday break, or “we can all spend Christmas here together.”
Read it at Politico

Donald Tisthammer Tell GOPricks to look left, at my profile pics an kiss my ass. Assholes and Obama all refuse to look into these conditions, kckbacks in transportation, log book violations, pre trip inspections, and we continue to believe thier busllshit lies about health care being affordable?

I was fired form Darigold, sixth largest dairy in the nation after answering a letter from coporate asking for information into theft, fraud, watse, stiplauting NO retaliatation. GOP refused like Obama to look into unsanitary warehouse, transportation conditions, kickbacks in transportation in the highly subsidized dairy industry, DOT log book, pre trip inspection, backed up by DOT pre pass at the Boise ID Port of Entry .

Look at my proflie pics, We spend $152 billion a year due to food born illness, 76 million American get sick, hundreds of thousands hospitalized, 5000 die, 11,000 die in drunk driving, hundreds of thousands injured, 4000 die in truck related accidents, and 80,000 injured? ID drunks, Gov Otter to police can't get enough Obama moneywhile suing Fed gov when they get $1.21 back for eveyr $ paid in and cry socialism? 11-25-11 Twin Fall Times, Twin Falls, Idaho FDA sues Magic Valley dairy over drugs, sent cows to slaughter with high chemical levels in their meat.
Can we compete on labor when China with 1.4 billion people, India 1.2 billion while US representatives who accept camapign finance from US compnaies which set up shop in these contries, invest and promote contributors from oil to banking to ins to pharm cos to corporate AG and defense?

Look at the state of the nation and build on demands from that point. millionaires who never farmed a day in their life buy land at $8K an acre, oil companies buying ethanol plants, corn pushed to $8 a bushel while world population soars US government hands our tax $ to defense, foreign aid/war blowing other nations back to the stone age, pay terrorist we're at war with to not only truck weapons in but then rebuild, while US infrastructure is $2.2 trillion in disrepair

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

OWS may be as important to US now as the American Revolution was in 1776, don't let this opportunity pass US by, and realize how important this is.

Why America is a mess.

Contributors hand polticians millions to get them elected, pass laws, get billions in subsidies, tax cuts, poilticians hand back billions, pass laws, hand back billions, promote contributor's business, in China, India, Goldman, Pharm, US cos have offshore tax havens in the Cayman Islands. Those polticians appoint judges to Supreme court who then open floodgates allowing more cash from contributors, we're $15 trillion in debt, bailout banks, auto, we're unemloyed, health care unaffordable.

DC polticians promoted illegal immigration, busted unions, meatpacking plants in the lat 70s, early 80s, put millions of Americans out of work, out of ins pools, immigrants were abused in nonuion shops, the very reason unions were started, went to emergency rooms, drove up health care again, we paid to educate immigrant children, now GOP bust teachers unions, promote online education to replace teacher because they now invest in online providers who contributed to their campaigns the same ten years GOP promote NO Child Left Behind, and now invest in online and wireless industry the next trillion dollar business costing US taxpayers billions in the next layer of infrastructure while all other infrastructure is $2.2 trillion in disrepair.

Every problem we face as a nation a direct result of the two parties through campaign finance, accepting $$, handing back billions, plus tax cuts, promoting, and investing on contributor's much the same as insider trading, call it insider treason!
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David Schroeder
Friday at 4:57pm · Like

David Schroeder ‎"Reducing the employee’s share of payroll taxes from its current 4.2 percent to 3.1 percent — the tax is usually 6.2 percent — and extending it to employers would spur enough new consumer spending to add about 750,000 jobs, according to Moody’s Analytics. That assumes the tax cut is offset by the proposed surtax on millionaires, beginning in 2013."

Choose a side:
A) Dems and 99% of America
B) GOP and the 1%
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Donald Tisthammer So Social Security already robbed of $6 trillion, GOPricks call it entitlement, how long will it last, and who is going to support the people who expect to get a check so they can eat?

Both parties are playing a dnagerous game in this fail, vote cycle of lies breaking US while they make bank.
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