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Thursday, December 23, 2010

MooPig's "Duct Tape and Marshmallows Department of Theory and Speculation"

**Second Look :: a MooPig Disaster Film ReRun**
by Pat Darnell and the Chubbies

It may surprise some, but past President Dubya might have been correct. Yes, it might have been a twist of fate, but his move to invade Iraq will be looked at from the future with disbelief, and astonishment, for its eloquence and emotion -- defined best as a combination of dread and veneration.

Quantum has come to mean everything Peter and Murphy held together with duct tape, and marshmallow to fill the voids. Great stuff our quantum zeal; would it be one day explained as human error? ... Spheres of human error actually turning out correct? This is the premise looked at today by MooPig's "Duct Tape and Marshmallows Department of Theory and Speculation."

It occurred to MooPig Cinema Review Group after reviewing DVD releases of "W" that they should pass on to the DTandM Dept of Theory and Speculation a simple argument for the "supposed betrayal of Americans" by Prez'dent Decider G Dubya. It was not betrayal.

It would appear that in a second look, George W's end-run along the Baghdad Highway is possibly the most effective ever event leading to a "quantum" fall and sink fake-out, that really burned and melted, shocked and awed, causality in effective palisade built to fence perfectly shiftless harbinger terrorist cells -- carnality to near fateful mass destruction of all things living, actual in producing Quantum Weapons of Mass Confusion abating enemy terrorists. George W left those cheap-shot terrorists dumbfounded.

That it could have been an idea birthed from imbecilic wanton behavior makes all thinkers wonder in themselves: is it possibly inspired by authority, and by the sacred, sublime? ... a gift shovel passed to the Court Jester?

No? How then does the awe of kings of turds in the sands, rise out of their courts, so that all who speculate, on both sides whisper in awe: "how does this imbecile hold on to that smoking hot woman Laura Bush?"

Some would agree randomness displayed in the George W administration could only have been invented during years when George was a frat boy. Back when in his propensity to party down, might he not have had enough blow one evening, to permanently create in his brain, a trail of dendrites embedded there?

From imbibing, that in the words of late, beloved author Douglass Adams: "a drink the likes of is more potent than a super-nova," -- did Dubya characterize himself as a drunkard without limit... a once randomized Inter-Galactic Gargle-Blaster night for Georgie Boy is very possible; probable and conspicuously eminent. W won the night, and set in motion the flank march of all flank marches.

So that later in the company of the Kings of Sand, George W compromised his wife and girls' honors only for a moment in time and in space, when he had to drop trousers and compare members with the princes and kings of the sands. It was decided then that Georgie boy was hung like an antique Texaco gas pump hose... so that no one challenged conjugal rights to his bride, thenceforth.

So that-- One day in his future as the uninterrupted son of the President-previous by a similar name, as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Free World, George W parenthetically swallows the morning air, while Klingon's are circling His-Anus, and Dick Cheney is licking his master's ears, and slavering all over his master for a morning walk before his half-dozen bacon, cheese, egg omelets ...

... an idea hits W from a night long ago in a faraway place, when he walked all the way from a party at his college Frat-house to LL Beans' 24 hour store. He woke up next to the Kayaks, remembering neither, and had to pan handle for phone money to call someone to come and get him. His dad arrived and said, "I am your Father."

It turns out, quantum player Dubya is able to skip much of the Hooo-Haaaa involved in Presidential superlative because of his time spent helping his dad's haunt of the premises. He goes right to the point: "Storm Baghdad, yes that will get them," he shouts.

Regardless, this led to many quantum crowning moments, definitive W-isms... and invited all junkies, wino's and habitual purveyors of C-drugs, worldwide, participation in a first ever thought process only available to that genre.

When later, for instance, W showed up in New Orleans thinking Katrina was invitation to a huge party serving Hurricanes.. did he not roll up his shirt sleeves and make like a true recovering alcoholic, and dive into the lives of destitute victims? Yes he did. Did he not realize at that defining moment that he had found "THE" weapon of mass destruction? "Hurricanes are WMD's, no? Fool me once; fool you twice.. you know," said a refreshed Prezident W.

He, W, in his service to the frail, sick lame and hapless, rephrased his occupation of New Orleans in the absence of logic, to be in the future three-crowned "Quantum Thinker of All. Conqueror of Baghdad. Father of Quantum Politics."

MooPig invites all to go see, or rent DVD of "W." It makes the night seem less like night.


d2r2 said...

Don't forget discombobulated.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

deciderously so...

Christina said...

Well, I promised it wouldn't take me three weeks to get here, and it didn't...only two! But since I don't do parody, lampoonery (?), or satire, I don't 'get' most of this, sorry...I must come back & try again, when I am more focused. Or something.

But...I must comment on the use of the word 'discombobulated', as it is a favorite word of mine. It is a little known fact that only a handful of people on the planet are even aware such a word exists...yes, it's true. And these same people are wont to employ the word 'scurrilous' as well...a rare breed are we indeed!

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Hi Cissie:
I had just watched the movie "W" on DVD, and had all this pent up lampooniage in me, that had to come out. But if you see the movie and then re-read this one... it should relieve all discombobulated wont you have experienced.

It turns out, to be a lamplighter bringing "Best by 3" optimum understanding, though, will require superlative cognizance of the kind that allows us to peer into near future events -- that will reveal Quantum Politics Theory has real density and weight. Yes you and bro' D2R2 Diderot, are a rarely seen hybrid, rare in breed and temperament, just the types being recruited to organize the "unique in 21st century:" United Human Dendrites Liberation Army and Ham Bone, UHKLAHB, to connect your dendrites to others in a circle around earth's equator.

I must Thank you both for coming by: and I apologize for any scandal that has been irreverently revealed to you because of this parody --
pdnf... Pato-son

"And now back to you, Mike Phelps.."
" Wooo Hoooo"

Christina said...

Mike is busy right now, so, while he's gone...

The laugh-age (laugh-ery?) resulting from your reply is just what I needed, today got weird with angst coming out of nowhere, still not sure why. Up to my knees in counter-terrorism, CIA articles etc. as I'm working on Part 2 of my latest post & maybe that got to me. However, I think it's more the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow....auggghhh.

d2r2 said...

Since we have retro-fit MPW, I would be lax and possibly remiss not to recall how I fell out of my chair laughing at the critique of the wonderfully redundant and at sometimes poignant to nausea movie "W". Since the Dub is me without money, it is easy to see the trouble our Islamic imbeciles would have with severe penis envy of all things American, yay even to the point of longing to be a big d***ed Texan. Not possible for an Ivy Leaguer either, so Dub, dream on and crack open another Lone Star. Me and Laura are meeting in Gruehn to boot scoot .

MooPig_Wisdom said...

"Dubya" am I too ... bro ... only with less ambition.

Christina said...

You guys realize it's been, like, a whole year since the last time witticisms (?) and other such commentary have been penned D&M Dept. of T&S??

...yet still, we blog on...

I never did see "W", am, also w/o money & have ambition that is obstinantly thwarted by almost all circumstances!

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nora nor said...

I like all of the points you have made

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