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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MooPig's Checks and Balances Report

BLOG: a business log, B-LOG, usually kept online in a daily chronological order, like a journal.
by Pat Darnell

One very difficult subject to write about, is when one must toot his own horn. Sarcasm aside for a moment... okay?

After accomplishing last Christmas 1500 MooPig Wisdom published postings, I left it as a possibility that by this Christmas 2010 I would have 2000 posts finished. Posting means to me; "a daily clipping and a bit of sarcasm." That is what my three readers have come to expect. More or less.

It turns out, I had those 2000 done by November this year. So I felt a bit relaxed, then lethargic, then jealous, then in denial, then Lazy. I call these the five stages of: "Blogging Posts 2000 -post trauma Syndrome Disorder," or "BP2000 PTSD," for short.

You see, as the world turns, turning is the key operative word to the system. The News in the world is cyclic, the random parley of philosophers is cyclic.... it is an eternal ring. It begins, repeats, and stays in a spiral of sameness.

Within 2000 plus or minus postings is this phenomenological chronicled, archived and saved ad infinitum exists this cyclic nature. It is a genuine outline of how it is going to go down. In other words, I will look at today's headlines, and go to one of my similar, past, postings in my archives, click\copy\paste\edit, put today's date on it and satisfy my personal goal of blogging. Or does it?

No, it does not satisfy any need I can conjure up. In fact I get nauseous. For instance, it is nauseating to realize that there is still a Clinton in a high office in our Federal Government, spreading Clinton-ism all over the world, like a scab on a cut. Talk about your New World Order; a Clinton will be it's first Governor, no doubt.

Since late 2006 when I began MooPig Wisdom Blog, I have witnessed the leaking of documents, the baffling of politicians, the first openly gay Mayor elected, the advent of faceBook, I reported on an actress\model being chopped up and put in a suitcase and left in a dumpster... then, because of a new State law, 100,000 people left Arizona in masses. In our journey, as bonafide Bloggers, we at MooPig Enterprises have unearthed what we discovered as the "Manure Protocol."

All livestock living with us in the world has the need to recycle what it eats. The result is passed on to the ground.

All breaking news in the world has the need to be recycled. The result is ink on pulp and left to be deposited on the ground.

We discovered "breaking news" really does have a hold on our thoughts, actions, and deeds, as most of us go about our work-a-day lives. Speculation and conjecture are based on human toil to stay "ahead" of the curve. That curve ... remember is a spiral, an ellipse, an oval, a tube where the end is much like the beginning.

Where to go from here? I don't know. What it is -- bloggage -- is not what it will become. Or is it?

That's our "Blogger's in Denial" Report for "BP2000 PTSD" across the universe for ever: where the Cow is the Blogger, the Pig is the Bloggage, and it shall be passed on some how.

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