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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Remembering Katrina

August 29, 2005 -- 2010

Don't 'Sperse Me Bro!, by Tracie Washington [SOURCE]
[EXCERPT]   " ... Is it me, or does it seem like every time the people of Louisiana are imperiled by a disaster, the Feds’ “fix” is dispersants? I think we have a dispersants problem.

Hear me out. Remember Katrina?

The Feds sprayed charter school dispersants on and dismantled our public schools system, and expected that would make failing schools and undereducated kids disappear.

The Feds sprayed affordable housing dispersants on and demolished our public housing, and expected that would make dilapidated housing and concentrated poverty disappear.

The Feds sprayed private care dispersants on and shuttered our pubic hospital, and expected that would make indigent healthcare disappear.

Now, the Feds have sprayed chemical dispersants on and further contaminated our gulf waters, and expect that will make the oil spill disappear.

Hmmm...let’s see: We still have failed schools and undereducated kids and, because of the charter-school dispersants, we now have a juvenile crime crisis. We still have dilapidated housing and concentrated poverty and, because of the affordable housing dispersants, we now have a homeless population crisis. We still have second-rate healthcare and, because of your healthcare dispersants, we’ve lost our regional public hospital.

We still have an oil problem in the gulf and, because of the chemical dispersants, we now have a looming public health crisis.

Hey, Feds – NEWS FLASH: There is no magical elixir for the man-made problems that ail us. No matter how much you spray, these problems don’t disappear, they simply resurface, with unintended consequences.

So don’t ‘sperse me, bro! Ask us folks directly affected by these problems how to solve them. Hell, we can’t do worse than DOE, HUD, DHH, or EPA/BP. Seriously. (POSTED BY JORDAN FLAHERTY AT 2:52 PM [Read Entire Article HERE]) ... "


(See Also: Happy New Orleans? Kaiser Report Reveals Two Cities Five Years After The Storm
By Lance Hill, Ph.D., Executive Director, Southern Institute for Education and Research HERE)



Christina said...

Patrick, thank you for remembering, with these telling photos...this AM I was listening to a Katrina survivor on the radio, saying that he eventually returned & rebuilt. He is the only one from his street/area who has. And tho his home is back up, he said he doesn't know what's wrong, he guesses he is depressed...

MooPig_Wisdom said...

I grew up on the gulf Coast and first hurricane I remember was Hurricane Carla. They were named after women only back then.

I still feel the heavy raindrops pelting down on my face and a strange smell of brine and sulfur but not overwhelmingly strong. Also daylight was yellowish; childhood remembrances.

We lived 50 miles inland in West Houston, but Dad hurriedly drove us all to Galveston right after the storm. Curiosity.

Devastation. Enormous concrete structures bent like metal: forces so great that it boggled my young mind; boggles still.

Long story short -- your interviewee definitely has stress that will stay with him the rest of his days. He will feel the rising waters, reliving micro-events of Katrina.

Just a note: when the storms come from the South and Gulf, to Bryan where we now live -- almost 300 miles inland -- I still sniff the air for the briny scent of the gulf water falling as rain. It is always there.

Thanks for dropping by. So glad to have you on my side.

Christina said...

Several times lately, your comment here has crossed my mind, 'out of the blue'.
Usually, when I keep remembering something, it's the Lord.
So I'm back.

I thought I had responded to this, could've sworn I did...because your descriptions of a childhood hurricane experience impacted me strongly, and I could imagine it...extraordinary description. Haunting, in fact...

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