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Monday, August 09, 2010

MooPig Report from the Middle :: "Bejeweled BLITZ!! What I dislike about You"


Some Concerns I have about this Game I play on FaceBook
by Pat Darnell

Bejeweled BLITZ! is the old game in a new package with the need for speed. The old game, Bejeweled versions 1 and 2 Endless, I have sat and played like it were a cross word puzzle -- in Cantonese -- staring I eternally at the various shaped jewels fall as "I match Three -- match Four -- match Five" ... and so on. Sheeeesh! Life was a constant: constant as in "KO" -- always a winner!

Today Bejeweled BLITZ has a timer that you have to make those same matches under only one minute: that's Sixty seconds, my friends! Big blasts and words of encouragement come over your speakers, but in the last few seconds the game begins to groan like a hapless llama. Old timer Bejewelers might extinguish if they try to do this! Sorry if I lose you here reader... yes it is an angst post today. [HERE is another Blog post at "Trends Daily" on the subject]

Please, also, don't tell my parents about any of this. It's difficult enough they have to find their email, and Dad still does the crossword every day. If he found out what his number two son is up to ... he might -- you know -- not understand.

I have actual friends from fBook who score over 400,000 points in under sixty-seconds. Yep.

I have family members who score over 300,000 bejewel points in that scant passage of time. I am peaked out at 213,000 for over the nine weeks I have attempted to play with these 'Big Boys.' That's it; that's all I got.

Now I have to speak out. For the sake of my computer, located at rural-route-fire-stop 11693 in College Station, Texas; "Why does my 256 VECTRA VL420 MT have to be a storehouse of old Adobe versions."

Why do I get unlicensed, daily updates from the children of questionable origins at Adobe, or whoever does this altruistic act?

I cleaned out the 2000 million bytes of Adobe on several ocassions ...

... is BJ BLITZ responsible? I think so; the proximity of parables is too close [my wording for those unexplained computer PC avenues not taken].

Formula for imponderableness:

BJ BLITZ via fBook [plus+] Adobe FLASHPlayer [times x] my PC [equals=] 213,000 points max.

Now take nine weeks in minutes, and that is a dedicated 90,720 minutes possible .... hmmmmm?

... The Avenue not taken is that I do not think I can overcome my short fall in this game, with my present HP Orphan PC. Nope. I maxed it out by playing this version of BJ BLITZ! And here is the weirdness of this saga -- when I close my eyes much later after playing BJ BLITZ, I still see the images of the jewels in formations, just like in the game. YIKES!

I would have to say: "My jewels are cut... in this scare-nario of fBook intro's... eh?" You know my goose is cooked ...

Trouble is, I can never go 'back' to Bejeweled Classic, in a personal sense. Not anymore than I can ever return to Word Jumbles, or coloring books.... I am sadly smitten of what transpires in sixty seconds. But as I have shown you, hopefully some anaytical-lite questioning will help this sad situation.

EUREKA! If I had more than 256 RAM I probably could score higher with the balsy players on blasted Bejeweled BLITZ!!

[Oh, great; I just see now on channel Three TV -- we are in a Heat Advisory... ]

That's another thing ... if my processor ran cooler... and so on, with all the "IF's." On second thought: Just forget about it... !

Happy Scoring -- you bunch of Minute Men! May your jewels fall if they haven't already.
... and, that's my Report from the Middle. Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

d2r2 said...

At least we know where to look for you.

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