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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

MooPig Financial Tricky Business Department :: Congressional Budget Reports, CBO

The estimated deficit is $38 billion below what CBO projected in its August Budget and Economic Outlook because revenues were higher and outlays were lower than expected near the end of the fiscal year.
Retrieved by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 6, 2012  |  Bryan TX
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CBO reports federal deficit dipped to $1.1 trillion in fiscal 2012 | Planet Washington blog:  EXCERPT  |  " ... "So, let's see how the Republican Right Wing can spin this one. What can you come up this time Mr. Rove? Have you finished lying yet? Poor Mr. Romney, he's such a pon. Maybe someday the scarecrow with get a brain and start to think for himself instead of listening to his church and his handlers. (Posted by: Rev. Ronald G. Cosseboom | October 06, 2012)"

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" ... If a trillion is a thousand billion, then a decrease of 200 billion seems to be 18%
That is hardly a slight dip.
Likewise there was close to a 20% dip of deficit as a percentage of GDP. (Posted by: plschwartz | October 07, 2012 at 03:01 PM)"

Total Receipts Were Up by 6 Percent in Fiscal Year 2012
  • Receipts in fiscal year 2012 totaled $2.5 trillion, $148 billion more than those in the same period last year. Compared with collections in fiscal year 2011:

  • Net receipts from corporate income taxes grew by $61 billion (or 34 percent), largely because of changes in tax rules in recent years.
  • Individual income tax receipts grew by $37 billion (or 3 percent), as wages and salaries grew modestly, pushing up withheld tax payments; nonwitheld tax payments rose as well.
  • Receipts from social insurance taxes rose by $32 billion (or 4 percent), reflecting greater withholding for payroll taxes and an increase in unemployment insurance taxes as states continued to replenish trust funds that were depleted by the recession.
  • Receipts from other sources increased, on net, by about $18 billion (or 9 percent).

Folks in MooPigster Tricky Business-land... don't give up your cash businesses. Charge $10, and report $5... that is the only way you will get to the next round. *[Satire]*

Learning to swim with the sharks is one lesson I will not get to have in my lifetime. Maybe my kids will gain that knowledge. Although, having known me and my balking way, they will think twice about it. For certain the sharks out there are nothing more than people who let slide the important things, like morals, trust, thrift, and lots of other muggle stuff, while gulping down massive quantities of material goods.

The numbers presented in the above learned publications have been agitated, spun, rinsed, and hung out to dry so many ways that it is "IMPOSSIBLE" to understand any of it. The Heritage Foundation -- *[yuk]* FOX News -- *[yuk, yuk]* ,or, FreedomWorks, -- *[h-yuk]* -- and other wannabe economist usurpers have despicable manners when it comes to blabbering about the economy.

It's pretty simple after all. We are still spending for fiscal years from the 80's... did it occur to any of you, that a trillion dollars takes some time to disburse? Remember Star Wars and before that the Great Society, and other wet dreams of despot Presidents? Those programs take decades to pay for... and the whole cold war thing, that build up of nuclear arms was totally whacked, as we now are spending to 'dismantle' the whole mess of rockets and warheads. Shit, sometimes I think we are still spending the fiscal money from King Solomon's day... IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO SPEND A TRILLION of ANYTHING!

Yes, we are a money laundering nation, and we can print tons of the stuff for whoever comes up with the next Presidential pet project... but at some point the money is as worthless as the paper it is printed on. It seems that waiting for us right after the last rinse cycle is a gaping black hole of cosmic dimensions, ready to swallow up Western civilization and all its money.

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d2r2 said...

The real fun starts now...charge on 2...take the other three and buy mining futures on the dark side of the moon.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

I wish I could buy some futures on the shadow government. That would make my day.

d2r2 said...

That would be something like counter-intelligence intelligence-counters.

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