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Monday, November 26, 2012

MooPig Report from the Middle :: "Demographics"

Demographics of Prime Time TV
by Pat Darnell | Nov 25, 2012 | Bryan TX

It is 8 PM on a Sunday night and I am watching the football game.

First let me give some back story: Last Summer 2011, in Bryan TX it was bone dry and many things happened because of that dryness. Lakes and waterways shrank, cattlemen sold off their beef cattle herds, and state wide 301 million trees died.
" ... A September report issued by Texas A and M Forest Service indicated Texas lost more than 300 million trees to the 2011 drought.

Burl Carraway, Texas A and M Forest Service Forest Resource Development and Sustainable Forestry Program manager, said earlier the region from Lufkin to Beaumont, where the state's heaviest forest production is located, suffered the least.

Of the region's nearly 600 million trees, only 7.5 million have died, he said, or 1.3 percent, based on studies of satellite imagery.

Experts say tree death is a natural forest process, but the drought pushed the numbers higher.

Staff Writer Adam Russell contributed to this report. (JACQUE HILBURN-SIMMONS. Wednesday, November 14, 2012. LINK ) ... "
What is the typical demographic in Central Texas, based on television prime time hours from 8 PM to 10 PM? I will watch the NBC Sunday Night Football Game and take notes on commercials during airing of Green Bay Packers at New York Giants stadium. Is the male prime time TV game watching person concerned with this drought catastrophe?

Here I go -- starting in the middle -- I watched and noted what commercials aired and at what approximate time they were posted in correlation to happenings in the game: this is an eye opener. I am thinking that this will tell me what kind of demographic is being "talked" to through the subliminal language of the TV commercial.

I watched from about 8:20 PM till 10:42 PM. That is two hours and twenty minutes. During that time I sat through 118 commercials. That is approximately 65 minutes out of 140 event minutes, set aside for commercials.

In that investment of one hour and five minutes, I am given choices of lifestyle and products needed for these life style adumbrations. And that would be a great thing if any of the suggestions pertained to anything actually happening in the world today.

In fact Screw the Trees; forget the stinking drought; don't miss the Dan Patrick Morning Show on NBC.

Not one commercial mentions alternative fuel. Nor did any infomercial give any solutions to health issues of the twenty first century man. No the over all message played as a mid-life crisis adjustment strategy. Buy a LEXUS, go online this week for Cyber Week for your holiday shopping, purchase a Citizen Watch and never have to change the battery, and catch the latest Tom Cruise movie!

And as you cruise around in your LEXUSSENTERA CREW-CAB HEMI DODGE RAM, stop and eat lots of sandwiches.
Here's the Raw Data; this is how it got written down: the demographic is a mid-life cratering male --

START -- 8:20 PM :: Green Bay Packers 7 /  NY Giants 17
Watching KCENDT TV 6 out of WACO, TX. NBC affiliate
Game held at MET LIFE Stadium in New York

8:26 PM :: TD, Touch Down,  GB 7 / NYG 24
  • LEXUS Pursuit of Perfection
  •  Cyber Week
  • Citizens Watches
  • Galaxy NOTE II Samsung
  • NBC show "Go ON"
  • NBC Dan Patrick Show Mornings
  • Movie: Tom Cruise, Jack Reacher
  • LEXUS December Event Sales
  • Video Game: Teen Rated ... World of Warcraft
  • NFL Franchise History blurb
8:31 PM :: KO, Kick Off,  (Game resumes)
8:39 PM :: TO, Time Out,
  • Bud Light, Superstition by Stevie Wonder
  • JP Morgan Chase and Co
  • NBC Monday Night Football blurb
8:44 PM  ::  FG, Field Goal, GB 10  /  NYG 27
  • GE Works Machines
  • Photo Stream iPhone 5 Verizon
  • GE Works Brilliant Machines
  • NBC SNL Christmas Special
  • Play16 Charity for Kids
  • Papa Johns Pizza
  • Samsung "Galaxy"
  • Lexus
  • Citizen watches
  • New York Trains Museum
8:49 PM :: KO,
  • USAA advice
  • USAA salute to Service Men and Women
  • Citizen watches ... mentions Eli Manning
  • Subway eat fresh
  • Wal-Mart Verizon, smart phone $1 etc.
  • NBC TV show 30 Rock, Tina Fey
8:50 PM :: (Game resumes)
8:52 PM :: Punt,
  • NBC, Toyota Halftime Show coming up
8:54 PM  ::  Fumble,
8:56 PM ::  TD, GB 10  /  NYG  31
9:02 PM  ::  Halftime,
  • NBC Revolution finale TV show
  • Dodge, RAM lonestar series truck, hemi, 2012 deals
  • Jubilee Mitsubishi Lancer, local dealers in WACO
  • VW "sign and drive" Passatt
  • Kileen Freedom dealership JEEP \ Chrysler, local company
  • Thursday Night Football Network blurb -- Note: ... before each season, both ESPN and NFL Network put their games out to bid in the local markets for their entire schedules. For ESPN, they go to ABC affiliates first and if they pass, other stations in the market can bid. In the case of NFL Network, they allow all stations to bid and the one that agrees to pay the price will get the game. (Ken, under NFL Network, Thursday Night Football, no date, LINK)
  • TOYOTA Halftime Show blurb
9:05 PM :: Sports Talk continues.
9:10 PM  ::  Commercial Break,
  • NBC Dan Patrick Show, "Man Cave"
  • TOYOTA infomercial ... Camry
  • Retail Cyber Monday Deals.... 
  • NBC TV Show 1600 Penn, Jan 10th
  • Local News Break --  Traffic and Christmas shopping in Central TX
  • Dodge, RAM lonestar series truck, hemi, 2012 deals
  • SONIC sandwiches
  • TOYOTA Toyotathon Texas Edition
  • Local Dealerships -- drop off toys locations
  • NFL clothing for your favorites
  • NFL Licensing Statement
  • NBC Sports Talk Network
9:15 PM  ::  KO, Second Half begins
  • Sunday Night Football blurb
9:20 PM PUNT,
  • Nissan Sentra Shift
  • Bank Americard Cash back Rewards Card
  • Movie: MIB III starts Nov 30
  • McDonald's Dollar menu ... 
9:22 PM  ::  (Game Resumes)
9:26 PM  ::  Official Time Out,
  • Nissan Pathfinder
  • Sandwiches (missed the sponsor here) oops
  • Cyber Week, Wal-Mart, dot com
  • NBC "the Biggest Loser" show resumes
9:28 PM :: (Game Resumes)
9:33 PM :: PUNT
  • IMAX Dec 14th
  • Nissan Pathfinder
  • NBC "Deception" show
9:36 PM :: (Game Resumes)
9:42  PM  ::  CHALLENGE,
  • COORS beer, Banquet Beer
  • ... Sentra
  • Windows Phone
  • NBC show "Voice" Live
9:44 PM  ::  (Game Resumes)
9:45 PM :: TD, GB 10 \ NYG 38
  • NBC Sunday Night Football blurb
  • iPhone 5, Apple 
  • Wal-Mart Cyber
  • BUD Light, drink drink goof off, Very Superstitious, by Stevie Wonder
  • Movie: 'This is 40"
  • NBC show "Revolution" TV premier
  • NBC show "Christmas Special"
9:48 PM  ::  KO,
  • Wal-Mart
  • ATand T
  • Lombardi Museum
9:52  PM  ::  INJURY

  • BUD Light more of the same bullshit, Stevie Wonder tune Superstitious
  • ATand T 4G Network
  • Subway, steak melt, "Eat Fresh"
9:54 PM  ::  (Game Resumes)
9:56 PM  ::  Official Timeout

  • NBC "Howie Mandell Show"
  • Nissan ... local Waco "Season to Save"
  • Jack in the Box "breakfast sandwich"
  • Dodge Lonestar 1500 Crew Cab Sale 2012 models
  • Local WACO News Weather update
  • GEICO Sponsor

9:59  PM ::  (Game Resumes)
10:00 PM  ::  Ball turned over to NYG on downs,

  • BMW
  • DELL
  • FedEx
  • NBC show: "Zero Dark 30"
  • NBC show: "Dan Patrick Show," mornings on NBC sports network

10:02 (Game Resumes)
10:05 PM  ::  INJURY

  • Samsung Galaxy III phone stuff
  • Fidelity IRA, "no fee"
  • BMW 3 Series  "game on"
  • NBC Christmas in Rockefeller Center 

10:08 PM ::  (Game Resumes)
10:13 PM  :: TO,

  • Verizon, Droid, Razr
  • M and M's all alone and cryptic
  • Movie: Killing 'em Softly, R, Friday
  • BMW X 5 diesel, blah blah blah
  • Verizon
  • BMW
  • Corona
  • Movie: "Zero Dark Thirty"

10:15 PM  :: (Game Resumes)
10:16 PM  :: INJURY ... helmet to helmet
10:17 PM  ::  PENALTY ... (Game Resumes)
10:19 PM  ::  TO, Penalty ... (Game Resumes)
10:24  PM  ::  2 MINUTE WARNING,

  • Corona, beer, "find your beach"
  • Van, ... makeover men
  • Video Game, "Hitman: Absolution"
  • NBC show ... "the New Normal"
  • Late Show, Jay Leno

10:27 PM  :: PUNT,
10:30 PM  :: GAME OVER, ... GB 10 \ NYG 38 ... GB 7-4-- NYG 7-4 records

  • Wendy's Post Game Show
  • NBC show, "Go On" Tuesdays
  • Academy, Hot Deals, for two days only
  • Nissan 0% financing, till Nov 30th available
  • McDonald's McRIB sandwich
  • Black Friday FORD get your prepaid MasterCard deal
  • Local Dealerships WACO, Toy drop off boxes
  • Wendy's PostGame Show

10:34  PM  ::  Interviews -- Eli Manning, NYG QB, and others
10:39 PM  :: Commercial break

  • Wendy's "Chicken Sandwich" kids meal
  • CHEVY Silverado Christmas Trade Up
  • Lenovo  'YOGA' style pad
  • Movie: "Killing..."

10:41  PM  ::  Interviews continue ... Next Week's Game
10:42 PM  ::  Good Night NBC Sports

[Picture LINK]
That's our Report from the Middle where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the children are all above average.


d2r2 said...

Tried to watch Monday Night Football on extra eyelids kept closing, the paint on the ceiling peeled, ghost image of John Madden was floating outside and tapping the window to let him in. I'm scared... I bought a Tuscany, provolone chicken sandwich with extra olive oil today; and a large Dr. Pepper!!...and went to Enterprise and rented a Sonata!!!

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Thank God for lizard lids... you have or have not been enhanced, after only one Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, thursday, or Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night football.... and all it's co-mershals. It's the LAW.

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