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Monday, November 12, 2012

MooPig's "So You Want to be a Blogger" Department :: da' BLOG

So, copy it, for the love of God...
by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 12, 2012  |  Bryan TX
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People want to figure it out for themselves. That is the reason for Blogs.

Everywhere one goes there is mysteries. People encounter mind benders at every interval of life. No kidding. If the mind were left unattended by reason and logic, ahem, it would go from stimulus to stimulus unguarded. Much like a puppy acts, people would let their noses lead them to every new smell.

In as much as people are not puppies, bloggers are not just anyone with enough time or narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful lives. Bloggers are first, good typists, then, people with too much time.

And now you want to be a blogger. Let's start then with "brand ambassadorships." Yes you heard it right here; "brand ambassadorships." No matter what you publish in your blog, you are now a maker of brands. You know that you can copy\ past nearly everything on the Internet... as long as you cite the sources, you might get away with using other blogger's stuff.

"Brand Ambassadorships" fulfill, but do not exceed anyone's ability to "copy and paste."

In the long run, you and your blog will probably suffer "some attacks and cease and desist" bombardments. You will survive though. There is no right and wrong up in here. Believe me if you are seeing the same stuff over and over for ten years, that is the stuff that is working on the Internet. So, copy it, for the love of God.

No matter how slimy, or, blocked, your stuff is, it has a market. And once you put yours out there, you have the makings of a patent. And your patent will some how become a brand. Then others will take up your standard and become "brand ambassadors" of yours.

Remember where you were on 9\11, and what you were doing? Well, if you don't then you are probably Taiwanese and were asleep at the time in Taiwan ... but that event scored a "large Internet number" for the sake of the technology that brings the Internet to us.

"Large Internet Numbers" are what we blog for, ultimately. One good friend says he gets 20,000 unique hits on his blog daily. Now, that is a "Large Internet Number." At social network sites, like faceBook, a celebrity, like Vin Diesel, will receive 35,423 LIKES after he says in his STATUS that "he just ate a sandwich." NOTE: You and I will have to work harder to get LIKES on our STATUS Updates.

"Large Internet Numbers." After the 9\11 debacle, people ran to and fro, listened to appeals, tried to sort out the information being fed to them, and what not, just plain tried to figure it out for themselves. The scenes of destruction from 9\11 imprinted all the minds of Americans who own televisions. And the Internet exploded with snippets of information, which, by the way, has grown to a very large Internet presence today in 2012.

In the aftermath 9\11 events remained imprinted on peoples' minds. No one was willing to just pass it off as a meaningless act. Some sorting out of the events needed to be done nationwide, so the imprints would go away, thus the best use for blogs. Dissipation of information from first source to all source points future.

Therefore, would be Blogger, remember no technical know-how is required to start. You just need to be a thinking human being who wants to figure out stuff for yourself. The rest will follow.

And you will enjoy your new self awareness.

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boogers said...

I wish I knew.

Copy and paste...what is that?

What does it matter; coffee beans are becoming extinct anyway. Polar bears will not be able to brew a cup before heading North to find glaciers and Santa Claus.

Too much time, not ever enough.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

I guess all I am saying is 'Don't worry; be Happy.'

Jelly Roll.

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