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Saturday, November 10, 2012

MooPig's Tribal Supremacists Department :: American Anthropology

MooPig Redefining the Cliche
Snagged by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 10, 2012  |  Bryan TX

In aftermath, following the 2012 Elections, we look at the guys who say "I never get into politics." Those are the guys and gals who actually do the most harm with their own special flawed personal politics... they think they act outside some box, while in fact they are the most deluded within the boxes.

You know who I am talking about. Business men always try to seem impartial, and neutral while doing business in public, but if you get into their heads, they are different. Yes, they display all sorts of neurosis, prejudices, delusions, and worst of all bigotry.

When I see an Internet posting like this youTube, I get the creepy feeling that I am witnessing the worst of flawed politics. If there were facts involved I could make a better distinction, but it looks as if both sides of this argument are bombastic cowards.

This is the first time I heard the term Ziocracy... with all the zio-media, zio-Fed, and so on. Remember, in that Tom Berenger movie, Betrayed, the main character was fighting ZOG... Zionist Occupied Government. That was from 1988, when all the shit hit the fan about the oil supplies.

Boom bust cycles in the USA economy were most felt in 1973, and 1984. In Japan, though they began their endless recession at that time... and are probably in denial about their full blown depression for the last 25 years.

Back then we tried to put in rules that would soften the bust cycles in the future... But has it? I say the countries that are totally dependent on imported energy are the boondoggles. Those allies are the ones yanking our chain. They whine about being without resources, and are hit on every purchase of material they have to import: everything from wood to make pallets to oil to make energy.

The USA has had its share of natural disasters. Over there, the Japanese have failed due to natural disasters' making a soup of its Nuclear facility. The only thing saving the Nipponese is their abilities to do with very little, and get by. Austerity is part of their 'low tech' defense system -- austerity that Americans could never adapt to.

"I create nothing; I own it..." says the blogRadio intro. So if our shadow government is Ziocracy, Chinese-ocracy, Bank Cartel-ocracyFascist Organized,  ... whatever ... our best hope for future truth is still the Internet.

Listen to internet radio with The Truth Militia on Blog Talk Radio

I find it difficult to make a list of the facts that have ruined life for the majority of Americans, but to blame the situation of record on Zionist clowns who have difficulty getting along with each other, is absurd. The Internet won the election for Barry Obama '12 ... that is the truth.


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