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Saturday, November 17, 2012

MooPig Fountain of Youth Department : "Telomeres"

What Would You Pay for Eternal Youth?
snagged from email by Pat Darnell  |  Nov 17, 2012  |  Bryan TX
[Picture LINK] " ... When telomeres reach critically short lengths, most cells either stop dividing or die. ... "

Al Sears, MD
11903 Southern Blvd., Ste. 208
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

November 17, 2012

Dear Patdarnell,

Isn’t technology incredible?

I remember when the first plasma televisions came out. They were these shiny, sleek things, maybe a couple inches deep at most... and they cost $15,000!

Today you can get one the same size that’s far more advanced for only a few hundred bucks.

But that’s how technology works. When it’s brand new it costs a fortune until everyone joins in, and then the price drops.

I didn’t buy that first plasma TV. But I was involved right from the start with another breakthrough technology that was very expensive when it came out.

And I had to pay $20,000 for it just like everyone else.

I was the first physician in the entire world licensed to distribute what was then the only natural supplement that had the capacity to slow the aging process. It helped maintain telomeres, the tiny caps at the end of DNA that control how we age.

When this supplement first became available, I told them I didn’t want to give my patients something I wasn’t taking myself. So I asked for some... and they wouldn’t give me any!

But I knew the technology that won the Nobel Prize for Medicine is the most important medical breakthrough maybe ever. Because it finally gives us the control and the ability to decide how we are going to age.

So I went ahead and paid $20,000 to be on the protocol, just like my patients.

Even Dr. Bill Andrews... the guy who identified the sequence for the gene... the lead researcher on the team... the guy who developed it... they wouldn’t give it to him, either.

Yet he bought it himself, too.

And you know what? I was delighted to pay.

My assistant S.D. can tell you how happy I was. I told her flat out, “Unless they make this stuff illegal, I’ll be taking it!”

Many of my patients were just as happy. And I was glad to provide it for them.

Then like all technology, more people started using it, and the price came down.

But I wanted to make a complimentary product... something that was new enough that no one would have anything like it in the world, but based on proven science that would be safe, effective and take advantage of what we now know about telomere protection.

It’s been three years of diligence and research to create something that can help maintain the length and the health of your telomeres.

And I’m happy to announce today that my team and I have succeeded.

I’ve gone through a lot personally to make this possible.

It’s such a new technology, which means very few people were aware that we now had the ability to control the body’s aging clock. So we had to start from scratch and spend a lot of time and effort to educate everyone as we went along about the benefits keeping your telemeres healthy.

We also had a lot of technological issues. It took hours of searching and investigation. We knew there was research on even more nutrients, enzymes and compounds that protect these fragile and all-important body clocks that are changing the world of medicine forever. But they’re not easy to identify or wade through.

I’m glad to say, we finally found everything we were looking for, and set to work.

Now the job is done. We’ve got the best information that’s out there, and I believe we’ve made a giant leap forward with this dramatic new formula.

I call this new technological breakthrough Chalice. It’s by far the most advanced natural supplement of its kind anywhere in the world.

Chalice has sixteen natural compounds that help maintain and protect the length and integrity of your telomeres.

I have to say, I’ve written more than a dozen books on natural healing. I’ve discovered hundreds of cures from around the world, and produced over a hundred healing formulas.

Out of all those discoveries I’ve investigated, created and prescribed...

This is the single best formula I’VE EVER CREATED AS A DOCTOR.

And here’s news that’s going to make your day...

Because modern technology has come so far, I’m able to offer Chalice to you for less than a fifth of the price.

And that’s not even the best part... because if we can get enough people to sign on, we’re going to be able to deliver Chalice at an even lower cost. If we get the word out and enough people join in, we may be able to get this to a place where it’s accessible to everyone.

As it is, we’re working hard to get you the best prices we can. But remember, as far as we’ve come, Chalice is still a new technology. We’ve done a lot to get it down into the price range where the average working person can get it ... if you think it’s important enough, and if you really want to commit to it.

When you take advantage of the lowest priced option below, it comes out to about the cost of a daily quick lunch. That’s not too expensive when you think about it that way... it is possible for people with average incomes. You don’t have to be a Rockefeller to try Chalice.

And remember, as always, I give you my unconditional assurance that if for any reason you are unsatisfied at any time, you can return the unused portion of Chalice for a full and prompt refund of every penny. That way, you risk nothing.

It’s the most advanced telomere maintenance supplement that’s ever been created, and has very powerful elements that help slow the aging of your telomeres and keep them healthier,s longer. Try it today ... it’s like taking a sip from the fountain of youth.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Best Offer – VIP Savings Plus FREE Express Shipping
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I’ll get 3 containers of Chalice shipped right to my door every 3 months for just $747. And shipping and handling is free for as long as I take Chalice. For my convenience, my credit card will be automatically charged with each shipment. I’ll never have to worry about reordering and I can cancel anytime!
My total savings today alone will be $326.85!

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Great Offer
I’ll get 3 containers of Chalice shipped right to my door for only $299 each plus shipping and handling, with a FREE upgrade to express shipping!! I understand that if I am not satisfied for any reason … or for no reason at all … I may return the unused portion ofChalice to you at any time for a full and prompt refund of every penny I paid. That way, I risk nothing.
That’s a total savings today of $159.95.
Trial Offer
I’ll get 1 container of Chalice for $349 plus shipping and handling. I understand that I may return the unused portion of Chalice to you at any time for a full and prompt refund of every penny I paid, so there’s no risk for me.

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[Picture LINK]

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