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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MooPig 12 Days of Doom Prep :: DAY Nine "They are Watching"

Our New Government and our Suburban Legends
Retrievals by Pat Darnell  |  Dec 18, 2012  |  Bryan TX

GWEN Towers, Fusion Centers, HAARP, Sheeple, Home Schooling, ... Protection and Freedoms ... no oversight of  governmental 'police state' agencies, ... Watch out -- you could be in trouble just reading this page today. HA!

Jesse Ventura is an interesting person. He is a Smack down sort of personality, ex-SEAL, was a pro Wrestler... and a Governor. Now retired he makes shows about Conspiracies in our national picuture. What could be more fun than that?

In this "banned episode" Governor Ventura uses docudrama effectively to to find stoney faced conspirators and persons that are conspiratorial-ized.  In this mind bender, police and intelligence gathering has reached a level in the US that can only be described as frightening. One whistle blower answers "Nobody" when asked" and "who is in charge?"

It is enough to get your bowels in an uproar. I know mine are. Oh no, they can control my bowels too?!

So let's narrow the field to "Fusion Centers" which is a generic name for federal government centers that coordinate with state and local agencies, and fuses that with bigger agencies of federal government.
" ... As of July 2009, there are 72 fusion centers around the country and one in nearly every state.1 These entities work under the auspices of local law enforcement, often integrating with the state’s police force, Department of Justice, or Office of Emergency Management. The fusion center integrates law enforcement intelligence activities throughout the jurisdiction, providing federal authorities access to local information and databases, while simultaneously allowing federal agencies to disseminate intelligence materials to local authorities. There are often federal representatives present in local fusion centers, either from civilian or military sources. The Department of Homeland Security lists 36 active field representatives as of July 2009 and a number of fusion centers are integrated with their state’s National Guard through “liaison officers”.2
*[Ye-gads, for some reason, Google Blogger isn't even letting me write this all down right now]* I keep getting 'Error Statement. "An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Ignore warning?"'

Well, better make this short: If you live in the USA you are being watched. If you "pose a threat" you will be watched closely. Threats now reach into the "inalienable rights of individuals" category.

Such as "targeting groups because of their political beliefs, what you buy, what you read, who you associate with." The suspicious activities Fusion Centers look for is individuals or groups doing photography, video, drawing diagrams, taking measurements, expressing views.

I think I may have hit every LINK and "suspicious" word in this short essay. What do you think? The "thought police are here."

The West Virginia Fusion Center is now:

West Virginia Intelligence/Fusion Center
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Bldg 1, Rm W-400
Charleston, WV 25305
Telephone: (304) 558-4831
Toll Free: 1-866-WVWATCH
Fax: (304) 558-6592
Web Pg:
-Component of the West Virginia Dept of Military Affairs and Public Safety



Pribek said...

There exists a propaganda offensive that uses popular culture as a fulcrum. If you can label somebody a nut, whatever they say or uncover becomes null. Stick a label on them, "Truther", "Birther", "Prepper", "Paultard", "Conspiracy Theorist", hayseeds that "cling to guns and religion", and they are invalidated.

Reality shows and media portray preppers as misguided buffoons but, the biggest preppers include powerful elites with inherited weapons contracts and/or top level security clearances building huge bunkers in the Ozarks and Rocky Mountains...comprehensive seed vaults on the Arctic Circle...and, the biggest prepper of all the Government with underground cities, threat fusion centers and FEMA camps.

HR 645

"(b) Purpose of National Emergency Centers- The purpose of a national emergency center shall be to use existing infrastructure--

(4)to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security."

"Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law."

Yesterday, every time I turned on the news, the question was; "Can we finally have a serious and civil discussion about gun control?"...sure let's start with the biggest supplier of weapons in the world, our Government/Military/Industrial complex, eh?

My Grandparents made it a point to take my Mother and siblings to see, first hand, the Japanese internment camps in California during WWII, to witness the fact that Government could for real detain whole families of US citizens and it made a lasting impression...perhaps one that has been handed down.

Jesse Ventura, on the surface, appears cartoonish enough that he has the ability to slip through the propaganda cracks; i.e. he comes across as enough of a nut that his "investigative reporting" seems like good, clean, fun entertainment but, sometimes he cuts too close to the bone. The episode you have embedded obviously hasn't been "Banned" but, it was pulled by the network after one airing when others where he chases Masonic symbols and such are on infinite repeat.

I've met a few former Governors, several ex pro wrestlers and plenty of Navy SEALs. I would never underestimate a wrestler or SEAL.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Pribek, thanks for stepping up. It's been a while. You been busy.

This "fulcrums" are getting me down... but I will bounce back.

What you say is, as usual, 'priceless;' and 'national treasure.'

Thanks be to ye.

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