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Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Today's meme... tomorrow's past; I hope.
by Sylvia Caffery and Pat Darnell | Dec 30, 2012

Sylvia Caffery It is a matter of interest. I hear a lot of the time that all knowledge does not interest all people. People chose to know what they are interested in. Much of the information available is not interesting to many people. It is a drippy drag much of ...See More
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Patrick Darnell You are right. Lots of people are not interested in the cerebral activity of information gathering. I never could stand reading newspapers, for instance, but when the information highway came along, I developed a voracious appetite ... what I am finding is answers to mysteries of my own life, that correlate with others' searches... sort of a revelation of self-validation.

I think those who wake up everyday as if it is their first day to live most attract me since I sort of fall into that category. However, I stay melancholy in my life, as if I am constantly conflicted with bitter sweet mood swings and subsets of connectivity from swirling stimuli.

I would feel better about things if I didn't have to be so sedentary these days. But it is true that happiness is a choice we make.

What will be interesting to me is the empirical knowledge that will emerge from our interactions in here with cyber highway. It will define the future for sure, and help many of us who are making choices as we go.

The trouble with ignorance is that we have an "elite ruling group" foisted upon us that is from a progressive thinking American's view, unbearable. The only way to rid ourselves from this group of mad men, liars, and power brokers is through critical thinking, and enlightenment. We must "choose" to not be ignorant.
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Sylvia Caffery Mostly the "elite information seeking group" votes from "enlightenment." The rest of voting is influenced by superficial political performances. Who can put on the best act to dupe the most people. How simple is it to look at a candidate's record from any political stance, and see that he is not fit to lead; ie. Bush, and others, etc. They lie, they steal, they hate, they serve themselves, not the people. However, people vote from utter stupidity; how the guy looks, or how mean he can be to the opponent; utterly meaningless stuff. Most competent leaders now days do not want to be involved in politics. We have few worthy leaders available to chose from. We now have accepted and rewarded the dummying down of America on all levels, not only in the schools, even though as you say, information is more readily available than ever before.

My point here was selfish in that I was frustrated that I have never been able to motivate other people through information, although I am interested in being informed myself. I find that people are interested in whatever makes them happy at the time. And somehow they live that way, happily ever after, never seeking knowledge that contradicts their happiness. This is something I cannot grasp, but there is only one set of information that I truly do not want to be ignorant of, and I can say that particular knowledge is a source of sustenance and that intermittently-elusive happiness that we seek for health and life.

Can you put this on MooPig; would be better to have the whole thing from the beginning on MooPig than on facebook where it will fall off. Sorry to be ignorant on methods.

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