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Sunday, December 23, 2012

MooPig Solutions Department :: "Personal Lifestyle Changes"

MooPigsters Everywhere taking up Lifestyle Changes, a Perspective
by Pat Darnell  |  Dec 23, 2012  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK unknown]

MooPig is at its 3000th post since 2006 when it began. The writers are way beyond the "want to be cutey"  stage, and are starting to find other firewalls to demolish.

Many of the MooPigster writers are moving to Washington state, and Colorado to grow their own. This is okay since we rely heavily on do-it-yourself-ers... we can publish remotely, and still have plenty of fun.

MooPig Editors sent out a new message to the departments 'that it is a good time to find some solutions to the problems we have been posting for 6 years.'

Now that we have the Google Statistics rolling for us, MooPig has a responsibility to not dodge its mission to provide its reader with the most recent, and accurate, blarney out there.

Also in the works, MooPig Recruitment Department is looking for correspondents in India, Arctic, Great Britain, Singapore, and Russia. Google Stats reveals that these regions look in on MooPig more than other regions except of course the USA.

The world could so use some better controls on 'Prophecy of Doom" ... maybe some lifestyle changes will produce better self control among all the MooPigsters out there.

Meanwhile, MooPig is looking forward to its quasiquicentennial celebration when it is found out that it was instrumental in saving the world. This has been confirmed by the MooPig Time Travel Department, who went 119 years ahead and scanned the archives.

For instance did you know:
" ... India's mathematical heritage extends far beyond Ramanujan's time. The nation is considered home of the concept of zero. Babylonians had used a space as a placeholder (similar to the role of "0" in the number 101), but this space could not stand alone or at the end of a number. (In our number system, as in theirs, this could be problematic; imagine trying to tell the difference between the numbers 1 and 10 by context alone.) In India, however, zero was treated as a number like any other. India is also the home of our decimal numeral system.(Evelyn Lamb. December 22, 2012. HERE) ... "
That inclusion in MooPig Posts is straight up references to mathematical educational programs designed to acquaint teachers with new topics and pedagogical ideas to be part of the attempt to nurture mathematical interest at all levels, boosting development of our new 'paradigm?'

Yes, we did.

Now let's get off the fossil fuels:

  10 Solutions for Climate Change: Scientific American: "Forego Fossil Fuels—The first challenge is eliminating the burning of coal, oil and, eventually, natural gas. This is perhaps the most daunting challenge as denizens of richer nations literally eat, wear, work, play and even sleep on the products made from such fossilized sunshine. And citizens of developing nations want and arguably deserve the same comforts, which are largely thanks to the energy stored in such fuels."

In Coming Weeks ::  Nine More Solutions to our Problems ...

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d2r2 said...

Earth and Sun generate hydraulic, geo-thermal, wind and hey; sunshine sufficient for us to abide. Water? Oceans are full of it.
Dudes in UK have an engine working that propels us to the planets and beyond. Applications in said engine for de-salination of the sea water are real.
Probably some future group will mine the planets, if they don't forget to give thanks and praise where it is due.

d2r2 said...

Kilts have always bothered me.

syld said...

Enjoying and looking forward to the coming weeks of solutions. Could turn into years as there are SO MANY problems to be solved. Continuing stellar work.

Sorry I had not seen the MooPig comment option before. Not sure how I missed it.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

One way to look at MooPig is to think of MAD Magazine from the old days... I am a MAD fan, from cradle on, and try to lick the bombast in my articles. The blog is old fashioned, after MAD Mag... don't you like the infinite possibilities of the Internet? I just knew that if you got started you would shine.

ps. This is a blog of a Poem a Day ... Poetry Geist:

There are 365 poems published in it. Maybe I can convert it into a book someday.

syld said...

MAD and Saturday Night Live from the old days have not been matched in any form or format. What is amazing is that you and your counterpart had access to MAD, and that you absorbed it to the core and made it a part of your "logic." If you can publish Poetry Geist, could do it in sections, and see how the first one goes before you lay yourself all out. Hold something back. Internet-Yes so amazing for communication in every aspect. Further I have all respect and thankfulness for the urethra, and you are "no urethra" my friend, PH. More like the blow hole of a whale, a "dynamic respiration."

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Bill Gaines said it

Bill Gaines said it
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