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Monday, December 10, 2012

MooPig 12 Days of Doom Prep :: DAY TWO "Climate Refugees"

Doomed due to Climate, and other Algore-rhythms
By Pat Darnell | Dec 9, 2012 | Bryan TX
[Picture LINK] "...Back on April 11th, 2011, Gavin Atkins of Asian Correspondent asked this simple question: What happened to the climate refugees?..."

Seventy percent of the earth is covered by water. Most of the land is carved by water and wind to be watersheds. Eighty percent of world's population lives near coastlines. This correlation of humans living by the water ways is producing a new class of people worldwide: "Climate Refugees."

There is nothing much more scary to witness as 'rising water.' When it rises, it comes in 'volumes' most of us are unwilling to accept as possible. Water seeks its own level, so it fills up all void space, corner to corner, bottom to top. Rising water knows no boundaries, as it erodes coast lines, or bulwarks, with ease and rapidity. It 'sweeps' away your domicile.

Water, can't live without it, can't live on it.
" ... "Climate Refugees," people who are displaced by climatically induced environmental disasters. Climate change, both incremental and rapid, is resulting in increased droughts, desertification, sea level rise, and the more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, cyclones, fires, mass flooding and tornadoes. (Burkle Center for International Relations, UCLA International Institute, November 17, 2010. HERE) ... "
Incremental and rapid change in waterways is forcing people to move away and this is causing border conflicts everywhere it is happening. So much so that " ... The Pentagon now considers climate change a national security risk and the term “Climate Wars” is being talked about in war-room like environments in Washington D.C. ... "

Most Americans make catastrophic decisions, but make few decisions about catastrophes. We depend on others to gather information for us so that we can make up our own minds. Then we do something, or brush it under the rug. The UN is just about the same as all that: headline from 2011, 'The UN ‘disappears’ 50 million climate refugees, then botches the cover-up...'

The problem here is that the UN made a boo boo. What they had advertised is that there would be 50 million refugees by the year 2010.
" ... In 2005, the United Nations Environment Programme predicted that climate change would create 50 million climate refugees by 2010. These people, it was said, would flee a range of disasters including sea level rise, increases in the numbers and severity of hurricanes, and disruption to food production. (Anthony Watts. 04/16/2011. HERE) ... "
That has been updated to be 50 million 'Environmental Refugees' by the year 2020. " ... When people are not living in sustainable conditions, they migrate," she [University of California, Los Angeles professor Cristina Tirado] continued, outlining climate change is impacting both food security and food safety, or the amount of food available and the healthfulness of that food. (Karin Zeitvogel (AFP) – Feb 21, 2011. LINK) ... "
" ... [O]ften it's just poor people saying 'I've got to survive, I've got to eat, I've got to feed my family' that ignites things." (Michigan State University professor Ewen Todd)... "
Where are the "Climate Refugees," or, "Environmental Refugees," depending on which Algore-rhythm you follow...? "What we saw in Tunisia -- a change in government and suddenly there are a whole lot of people going to Italy -- this is going to be the pattern," says Ewen Todd. It has been food shortages that put people into 'refugee mode.' Africans have moved to Spain, and Germany, and points along the mediterranean.

"... These are people who can no longer gain a secure livelihood in their homelands because of drought, soil erosion, desertification, deforestation and other environmental problems, together with the associated problems of population pressures and profound poverty, ... says Norman Myers of Oxford University ... "In their desperation, these people feel they have no alternative but to seek sanctuary elsewhere, however hazardous the attempt." ..."

MooPig Bombast Watch Department thinks that this issue is not very well funded. "We don't see a money trail for the '2.2 million deaths in developing countries that are caused each year by food and water-borne diseases.'" It doesn't seem to be a priority among nations who have surplus food, to help Climate Refugees.

The UN is powerless to do anything in a material sense, because of this under-funding trend. So, we just sit back and wait until we experience rising water.



d2r2 said...

Looks to me like Mars has pretty good top-soil. The UK guys have blueprints for single stage rocket ships. The dudes will abide.

As the people inhabiting the crowded coastline in the Northeast continue to try and rebuild a worn out infrastructure so they can once again live near or in an area prone to disaster, let's try something different.

America is beautiful and bountiful by its' God-made existence. There are rivers to cross, mountains to climb, deserts to flourish, plains to farm, forests to tend, valleys to nurture and cultivate. The point being; the country is full of room and open spaces, why crowd the coastlines, mercilessly.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

I know I keep pounding away at 'rising water' but the trends are too often for leaders to obviate truth of the matter ... no?

I agree with moving the masses to open plains and sending squatters onto Turner's ponderosa...

I read somewhere that a community of twenty-five thousand is a hub size that makes sense.

What ever happened to that five acres and a mule deal?

d2r2 said...

Sounds better than good to me.

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