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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MooPig FWD Email :: "Detoxify your Liver"

Al Sears, MD
11903 Southern Blvd., Ste. 208
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

December 12, 2012

Dear Patdarnell,

Most of my patients figure as long as they don’t overuse alcohol or drugs, their liver is safe.

But alcohol isn’t your biggest worry. The problem facing your liver in the modern world is excess fat. Being overweight contributes to 52% of liver disease. Evidence suggests that alcohol contributes to only 6% of liver damage.1

The solution, however, in not cutting fat out of your diet like many mainstream nutritionists and medical “experts” advise. This only makes the problem worse.

Your liver is made to handle fat. Fat is an essential macronutrient and your liver uses fat to help your body work like it’s supposed to.

The answer to liver health is much more simple... just help it to take out the trash.

In fact, did you know that if your liver didn’t continually remove metabolic trash, you would be dead in a matter of hours?

A pure, clean liver is important because when it’s working well your liver:

Manufactures bile to help break down fat.
Filters harmful toxins and substances (including alcohol) out of your blood and allows nutrients to get to your cells.
Produces more than 13,000 crucial chemicals and hormones including cholesterol, testosterone, and estrogen.
Manages over 50,000 enzymes to maintain a healthy body.
Regulates blood sugar levels and prevents dangerous spikes and lows.
Stores essential vitamins and minerals – including vitamins A, D, K, and B12 – to help keep your bones from crumbling.
Even more important than what your liver does is what can happen when your liver is not working properly.

To get rid of all this waste, your liver will create balls of fat that collect in the liver itself. This is normally a good thing, except when you start storing excess fat, it can be the start of a “fatty liver,” a very dangerous condition. Then those fats can spill into your blood in the form of triglycerides, which boost your risk of a heart-related disaster.

Your liver will also move excess toxins to different places in your body, including your skin. Many skin conditions like dandruff and some rashes are tell-tale signs of a sick liver.

Also, a fatty liver can zap your strength, vitality – even your sex drive. Fatigue, frequent illness and “problems in the bedroom” can potentially have a connection to a sluggish or sick liver.

Fortunately, there are three things you can do right now to keep excess fat from overwhelming your liver, and your good health.

The first is to melt off the extra fat. You don’t have to strain yourself, just do a little biut more than you’re used to, or change up your exertion – while keeping the duration brief – and you’ll re-train your body build muscle instead of store fat. This will take the extra burden off your liver.
The second is to help your liver by avoiding toxins. And I’m not just talking about environmental pollutants. I’m talking about the chemicals in processed foods, too. Try to avoid foods that are “refined” or processed with artificial ingredients.
Third, you can cleanse your liver. Your liver wasn’t designed to function in a world full of chemicals and other unnatural substances. That’s why I recommend you detoxify at least twice a year.
Your liver might seem perfectly healthy, but it’s vital to keep it that way and not let pollutants build up. A good solution for keeping your liver cleansed comes from my colleague Dr. Michael Cutler. It’s called Liver & Kidney Cleanse and is an effective option for liver detox.

You get a unique, scientifically formulated combination of 10 powerful nutrients to help unclog your liver and help eliminate dangerous toxins from alcohol, prescription drugs, household chemicals, processed foods and more. Learn more directly from Dr. Cutler himself.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

1. Obesity is the Cause of Most U.S. Liver Damage: Risk of Disease Fourfold Higher in Obese. Mitchel L. Zoler. Family Practice News. July 1, 2004.

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