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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MooPig Tech Coroner :: "Free Energy Devices"

Retrieved by Pat Darnell  |  Feb 27, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK] Paramahansa Tewari, a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Banaras Engineering College, India, is the first Indian to get a Free Energy device patented. An increased efficiency homopolar generator.

Collective-Evolution – Free Energy Devices: Yes They Are Real: "People are waking up to the fact that not everything on planet Earth is as it seems, and new truths are starting to infiltrate the consciousness of the masses. It is very likely that free energy devices do exist and like many other discoveries, they have been concealed and hidden from the human race. The energy is extracted from what we call ‘space time’, it’s the energy all around us that we can’t see. A device like this cannot have a meter on it, it can’t be measured and  no price tag can be put on it. "

  'via Blog this'
Journey through every day for a while as it is reported on the Internet, and at some point in your travel something amazing will come clear. What ever you were brought up believing is very far from the truth.

If you fail to take the journey, you will find yourself in a place of isolation. You see, it is low tech ideas holding up our societies. For instance, Japanese support their high tech industry by a low tech technique called saving forty percent of their money. That's forty rin on the Yen is put away into savings by Japanese in their daily trek.

Americans support high tech food industry by eating. Industry supports utilities by paying meters. Yes, behind every high tech machine is a low tech reason for existence.

And, every institution can be upended by a low tech reason. The music industry is today nonexistent because patrons decided to burn their own tapes, and CD's. It does not mean that people quit listening, it means they found an almost free source of music.

If it became clear to people that electricity is all around us as an almost free source, we would gather it from the ground. The best reason for our Tech Industry to me is that humans are basically hunters/gatherers, a very old low tech concept. We want to gather our own stuff from the earth, it's basic instinct.
" ... This can mean that a free energy device is a threat to the industry that controls our world and the people on it, the energy industry. The energy industry dictates who has access to life and who doesn't  If you look at where the funding comes from, it’s easy to make connections between the energy, pharmaceutical, health, food and educational industries. Let’s take a look at what has been concealed from us and what’s becoming increasingly transparent. (ARJUN. DECEMBER 4, 2012. LINK) ... "
Tewari, a senior engineer with India's Department of Atomic Energy-Nuclear Power Corporation, also directs the Kaiga Project, India's largest atomic power facility, in Karnataka. He freely acknowledges his debt to DePalma, who has shared his experimental results with Tewari for many years. According to Tewari, "The electrical power generated by the Space Power Generator is indeed commercially viable and should be brought to the notice of the general public." (ARJUN. DECEMBER 4, 2012. LINK)

Bruce Eldridge De Palma, a well known figure in the Free Energy suppression community for his invention, the N-machine Homopolar generator, a device based on the Faraday disc which is reported to produce up to five times the energy required to run it. After Bruce's death his research was discontinued. A close friend of Bruce, Paramahamsa Tewari had been under some instruction and was in partnership with Bruce to produce the N machines. (ARJUN. DECEMBER 4, 2012. LINK)



d2r2 said...

I know that I get a little flippant with my comments at times. This is an observation. I work in Petco as a vendor for P&G. This past week-end at the hamster cage I watched three hamsters running their little merry-go-round. Singly,doubly and sometimes all three..with speed and synchronization. They mesmerized me with their agility and fervor. I watched pretty much non-stop for ten minutes and that device was humming the whole time. I left and came back sometime later and they were still going.
Point being there was natural energy in this little spot and the world is full of it...renewable and clean.
Even the dirty ones can be used with some more R&D, accountability and concern for something besides bottom lines.
The little G-Force guys eventual crashed ...but not for long.

Patrick Darnell said...

I too have "leanings" and spout them out with regularity. As you know from our blogs and conversations.

Yes, you are flippin' flippant, as flippant as a working man can be ... entertained by the "little guys", not swayed by the "big guys" and their entourages ... accepting of all, even when they offer no accountability for their actions ... actions that could so easily be re-directed into productive accomplishments, ... yes, you are willing to work side by side with whomever.

But few Houstonians [or fellow earth dwellers, for that matter] have had the privilege you have had, to tred through Houston mud, or roofing a 6 in 12 wood shake roof after a frost... or rove through a field with a 4-10 and rouse dove for a night's meal ...

Most have never swung from a rope-swing into the Comal River, or speculated on 2,000 acres of undeveloped NW Dallas land ...

Proctor and Gamble fired its field staff last year, and contracted the whole thing out to various groups... did they realize who they would get in the trade?

The world is full of it ... safe, renewable, clean, energy, and Earth might be fair. Or we shall perish. Lord I hope the hamsters don't go down with us.

d2r2 said...

...or take a carefully thought out and wonderfully constructed final architecture model of a marina and tell a bunch of over-stuffed profs and grad students where to put it and pack it with salt...then take off for the Missouri woods...

Selah...and play guitarrr!!

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