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Saturday, December 14, 2013

MooPig Tech Coroner :: "The Disappearing Internet and Everything"

What in the Hell is Going on with the Internet?
Retrieved by Pat Darnell and the Herd  |  Dec 14, 2013  |  Bryan TX

[Picture LINK] NSA HQ

How the Powerful Intelligence World Is on the Verge of the Ability to Make People Digitally Disappear | Alternet: "Am I suggesting the plot for a novel by some twenty-first century George Orwell? Hardly. As we edge toward a fully digital world, such things may soon be possible, not in science fiction but in our world—and at the push of a button. In fact, the earliest prototypes of a new kind of “disappearance” are already being tested. We are closer to a shocking, dystopian reality that might once have been the stuff of futuristic novels than we imagine. Welcome to the memory hole."

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This is the beginning of the Class Warfare: Internet Style. Or is it? High and mighty rich, fortunate sons, self-worshipers do not want the masses telling them how things are going to be. And a totally free, vacuum, of internet terrorizes the entitled few who do not want to understand struggles and strife of their neighboring persons down here on earth. If the Internet organized against the money changing pharisees, and toppled some of their interests, higher ups cannot afford the legal fees, and long term battles, so they attempt to get rid of the Internet in quicker, unclear, sinister ways. Some singularity of higher-uppedness delegates its minions to get legislation passed, and departments founded that will control our Internet.

Our extant spy network, NSA, and its developers do not want the Internet user doing the same thing NSA does ... and this is not recent news, it has been going on for decades. You see, it turns out that Brazil plans to exit centralized USA led Internet:
" ... The NSA program, dubbed Bullrun, took 10 years to crack the web’s encryption technologies, before finally reaching a breakthrough in 2010 that made “vast amounts” of previously unreadable data accessible. Perhaps more worryingly, the NSA has an ongoing program to place backdoors in commercial products (websites, routers, encryption programs, etc.) to enable easy snooping on encrypted communications.

The documents outline a three-pronged plan to ensure the NSA can access the bulk of the internet’s encrypted traffic: Influencing the development of new encryption standards to introduce weaknesses, using supercomputers to break encryption, and collaborating with ISPs and tech companies to gain backdoor access. (Winter on 18 Sep 2013. LINK. [source]) ..."
MooPig Wisdom has learned by doing its thing on the free Internet. It has plied its talent and trade via the up-to-now free enterprise of the Internet. However, we now feel threatened by butchers of freedom as we enter our humble 8th year online. We suspect some entity will become our overseer, if not already in place.

At present we have a place and destiny on the internet, that pretty much describes our patent work. But like everything on the Internet, MooPig Wisdom is mashed up with "numerous" other publications. It cannot be avoided. And MooPig Wisdom has been in the past hit by censors, and copyright bots. Portions of posts and pictures have been erased: it is par for the game. We expected from the start in 2006 some dalliance from higher powers. But scholars were on this over two decades ago.
" ... News: January 12, 1993 | Economist Jack Hopper returns with a discussion of another book by William Greider--"Who Will Tell the People?" We review how, during the Reagan-Bush years the drive of the rich and powerful to capture completely the organs of government, to lock out all meaningful public participation, and to bend all laws and the administration of them to their own interest have had a seriously detrimental on the people in general--impoverishing and disenfranchising them. This destruction of the social contract implied from the years of FDR is nothing less than class warfare by the American ruling class on the rest of us. (Producer: Frank Morrow. Copyright January, 1993. LINK) ..."
Whatever pressures we as Internet users are feeling most assuredly comes from self-serving plutocrats.


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