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Monday, December 23, 2013

MooPig Wisdom 2013

MooPig Wisdom Quotes 2013: tidbits of glandular, skeletal, excitation, sending stabbing jolts to the neck from the heart and setting the brain to rapid fire in sharp detail ... Yes, a torrent of bleeding details that grants verisimilitude for the complexity that is our bodies -- our only pure science. Please enjoy the following not categorized list of MooPig Wisdom things we said during 2013.

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  • It's not easy finding subjects to blog about. Blog was short for Business Log, now it has lots of other forms and meanings. The major thing it has done is change social order. Discover your business, and make a daily log. It has a time stamp and file on a server. That makes it personal and public, and patented. Your blog is your patent.

  • So who is responsible for what is and what isn't displayed for the public eye? I think blogging is response to absurd network news hype, and inaccurate newspaper stories. If anything, the witness to events is no longer second hand news coverage, rather it is you where you stand!

  • All great human history movements have musical foundations that outlast the movements by millenniums.

  • Global warming also means ice age.

  • Google has quietly retooled the closely guarded formula running its Internet search engine to give better answers to the increasingly complex questions posed by Web surfers.

  • Now, submit your curriculum vitae to MooPig Enterprises for the department you prefer to work in. Say what ever you want to, and it can be as long as you desire, but remember if we can't compartmentalize you, you will receive no compensation. Consequently you will receive no compensation otherwise ... because we don't have any money to give.

  • We figure that if we insult as many writers as possible, we will receive the rewards that will come from an all negative press we will receive when you writers in turn scorn the pants off us for being deadbeats.

  • In the United States alone, over 800,000 smokers have already switched to electronic cigarettes.

  • Why is this an "exit strategy" you ask? It turns out, MooPig has written itself into a clausterfrack ... and now corporate thinks it should invite freelance writers to contribute and compartmentalize their reports to specific MooPig Departments. Through compartmentalizing we then can spread our miserable anecdotes in markets before-to unheard of. And no one will be the wiser.

  • I am unwanted
    Amniocentesis says
    My brain is not bright!
    [Transhuman-Haiku by MooPig]

  • What we have learned over the past fifteen years is that understanding of our beautiful Brains' Industry is that it is in its infancy, and any body of knowledge about Brains is going to be out of date before it can be printed.

  • Open your minds; open your skulls. Have Brain -- Will Travel.

  • Because if there’s one thing America loves to say about terrorists, it’s this … We will never forget.

  • For MooPig Wisdom to go legit would take a major investment in scruples.

  • Everything is bigger in Texas, including this world's biggest prick: that is why we have tea-sippin' offspring like Rick Perry soaking up the cash and spewing out the bullshit. His generation of Texan must have been conceived by seepage through the sheets.

  • One man's junk is another man's treasure.

  • Draw your own conclusion but take heed: not only is squatting good for elimination - it's also great for maintaining or reclaiming mobility and diminishing back pain.

  • Having the right business model is important.

  • WARNING: This project involves dangerous high voltage electricity!

  • "... Excuse me for sounding like 3D printing gives me such a Large Hadron Collider in my pants, but it does. While doing the research for this article I was anywhere from half-staffed to fully erect. Maybe that is an exaggeration, but my brain definitely had a hard on for what I was reading. I honestly believe that most of the world’s problems can be solved by 3D printing on a massive scale." [LINK]

  • Get ready for your new sneakers to be Internet-connected ... football helmets will show probabilities of plays success to quarterbacks in the huddle ... Your wedding rings will be Internet compatible so you never again forget your anniversary day ...

  • Journey through every day for a while as it is reported on the Internet, and at some point in your travel something amazing will come clear. What ever you were brought up believing is very far from the truth.

  • Americans support high tech food industry by eating. Industry supports utilities by paying meters. Yes, behind every high tech machine is a low tech reason for existence.

  • If it became clear to people that electricity is all around us as an almost free source, we would gather it from the ground. The best reason for our Tech Industry to me is that humans are basically hunters/gatherers, a very old low tech concept. We want to gather our own stuff from the earth, it's basic instinct.

  • In our quest to be clever in the face of bombast, MooPig has recently stumbled upon a situation. Europeans have been mixing horse meat with their beef and selling it to the public to eat. And much of the horse meat comes from exported American horses.

  • What we are warning about is that Monsanto might have already purchased all the patents and copy rights on all horse meat. Yes, they are usually way ahead of the curve when it comes to malnutrition. Can horses be the new genetically modified meat source? And, when that source is depleted, what is next?

  • I am guilty of cognitive dissonance. [LINK]

  • MooPig Site Reviews are little more than glimpses at what is happening on other pages throughout the online kingdom. Believe you me, there is a lot going on!

  • If laws are being written in our Congress today, based on what Cheney manufactured in his many lies, we all inherit his deleterious excrement.

  • " ... So, welcome, mister.... uh; Bucket Head, is it? Okay, yes welcome. That pre-Obama KFC slur will go well here in Bush's Town. Prairie View A and M is down the road, if you want to visit there as well; just turn right as Wilson's Chicken." (MooPig Wisdom)

  • " ... The crowd can be labeled in rows. Let me explain... the front is for those who don't mind close quarter moshing, shoving, sort of the vanguards, or advanced guard of the LGBiTg crowds. The last rows are the skeptics who usually say, "This blows." But in between are the stoics, and Goombahs. These are the ones who will show up when you ask them to go on a hundred mile bike ride this Sunday; or we need one more for the Rugby match on this Saturday. (MooPig Wisdom)

  • " ... The group consists of band leader Lord Phallus along with bandmates Bane Ass-Pounder, King Sith, Braindeath and Loki Sinjuggler and their latest release, Come With Me If You Want To Live (referenced from the mover The Terminator), gives you a pretty good idea of where they are coming from. (HERE. MooPig Wisdom) 

  • " ... It's too bad there were no Economic engineers back when Economics was bubbling up to surface of ponds out from steaming ooze of covet, greed, avarice, and pleonasms that served to liquefy the spirit of humankind over ten thousand years that it has taken to refine our brilliant economic banking structure today. (HERE. MooPig Wisdom) 

  • " ... I can think of no more horrifying news than this: Earth's oceans are polluted. There is not anywhere in the seas that is not without some kind of synthesized poly carbons floating in it. (MooPig Wisdom)

  • " ... This brief moment in lowered expectation has been brought to you by the Anti-Demographic League of America, and Rudderless Politicians Up a Creek. (HERE)

  • " ... Subject: mental health   ... Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have, and even with sometimes what they don't have.

  • Emphasis on bad news makes for an unlevel playing field. There is good news out there, and some bloggers try to make it their business. Thus, lots of flip flopping about whether there really is good in good. What some describe as the common good is not the common good of others.
So you see, MooPig Wisdom derives its creed and quoth from others like you. As you, dear reader, surf the Internet, we will always be here to coax you along, read and repeat your words to the rest of creation. And besides all that, isn't Nature just the most amazing teacher?

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