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Friday, May 30, 2008

UPDATED: Religious Discernment of Cooks

PHOTO: Junk in the Trunk at Chappaquiddick

PHOTO: Rachel Ray---}

It's obvious that ms. Ray understands the far eastern concept of separating the illusion of the physical world from the deeper concepts of spiritual enlightenment. The Buddha,, er Great Bootyha, never spoke a bad word against Junk-in-the-trunk.

PHOTO: Lady, cover your face !!

In our continuing mission to present most up-to-date, factual, secondary research, MooPig Research Department gives us this late breaking update:
Update: Phrase applies to all three Religious Cook types -- thanks to Urban Dictionary !!
1. Junk in da trunk
53 up, 7 down
A female who has a nice or unusually large ass.
Damn son yo shawty over dere got sum junk in da trunk!
by Big Willie Nov 28, 2003

2. junk in da trunk
17 up, 10 down
Big booty usually a big one that is very "velupcuious"(not spelled right).ba dunka dunk
That way you shake that "junk in da trunk" it turns me out.
junk booty but ass ba dunka dunk by MonkeyPimp Apr 17, 2006

3. junk in da trunk
13 up, 17 down
referring to the amount of "material" in one's ass
Yo, da hoe gots a lotta junk in da trunk
by angel4325 Sep 4, 2004

4. junk in da trunk
7 up, 25 down
that ass is packed with a multitude of flesh. a gaping butthole
man she got some junk in da trunk
by brad Oct 6, 2004

5. junk in'a de trunk
13 up, 3 down
of Jamacian derivation: a large posterior or behind on a female
Daaaaaaamn, that fem got nuff junk in'a de trunk!
by whiskymack Jan 31, 2004

6. junk in his trunk [this one is for Compostholestoy]
2 up, 2 down
lots of cushion on the rump
That boys butt wouldn't fall asleep in those quaint little wood chairs if he had more junk in his trunk.
ass booty onion butt emj by BPW Jun 26, 2007
PHOTO: Bountiful architecturally cantilevered SS extended trunk}
7. Junk in the Top Bunk
20 up, 4 down
Noun: in mammals, the property of having conspicuously large or exaggerated mammary glands and tissue.
If I had just a little more junk in the top bunk, I could totally run this town.
stacked breasts flat tits tout le monde sur le balcon by Dan Craig Feb 18, 2006

"junk in the trunk "
-- a girl that has a nice big round ass
all of you fat white chicks taking pictures of yourself dont have junk in the trunk, youve just got a big fat flabby white ass, a nice ass is round and on a girl with a tight body, so stop posting pics of urself and posting them definitions like these
by sycop Sep 6, 2005

-- A medical term used to describe a female with a disproportionately large gluteus maximus region in relation to the rest of her body. Scientists have discovered that, in this condition, any food eaten by the afflicted turns immediately to fat then migrates rapidly to the gluteus maximus. Research has found that this ailment is widespread throughout many areas of North America and is oddly prevalent in African-American females. While there is no known cure, as long as there are males of the species and alcohol remains readily available, these females are still well-received in society.

White Guy: Hey Snoop...that Maltliqueisha has some serious Junk in the Trunk, huh?
Snoop: What tha hizzle did you say to me, cracka?
White Guy: has to be 4:20 somewhere...
Snoop: I thank I forgot sumpin' in ma car (ya know what I'm sayin')...I'll return in a minizzle.
White Guy: Word! PHOTO: Maltliqueisha------------------}
ghetto booty booty behind bum bottom by Illiterate Dec 28, 2005

-- Having a large ass.
Anita Ritchie
by COCK Nov 2, 2003

-- :a project chick that has a shapely ass and a small waist. a round jiggly ass.
You can tell Keisha has junk in the trunk by the way she's throwing dat ass from side to side.
by vinchap Feb 15, 2005

-- Adjective -- Describes a woman with a fair to good amount of ass. Generally caries a positive connotation.
I can't stand those anorexic girls, I need a girl with some junk in the trunk!
by MighMoS Dec 25, 2004

-- having a prodigious butt a little more than badonkadonk but less extreme than having an SUV in the pants
I don't mind a woman with a little meat on her bones, a little junk in her trunk.
by mandingoe Jun 1, 2004

junk in the trunk badonkadonk booty ass butt bbw plumper fat chick fatty remorse veet double d hogger curvy hoggy hoggers hogging veeter brabuster colt 45's jugs omega mu big tits fatty d cups knockers nail the whale muffin top fat bitched ddd ddd cups large breasted juggs e-cup big titty committee plump bra buster jugs of joy large naturals plumpa lumpa plumper pumper plumpette kahunas boingly-doinglies dd cushion for the pushin jugnormous blimpy over the shoulder boulder holder plumper humper plumped busty

1 comment:

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Thank you for that transliteration, Compostholestoy, from the field of dreams, that you know so well.

Pot makers the world over could learn a lot from our USA tradition of Audio Visual Media and Cinema -- especially the Stepford Wives, both of them.

That's the story and MooPig is sticking to it. Good work, C.

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