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Saturday, July 05, 2008

MooPig ponders Feminism

Author: AnonymousPamphleteer
LorMarie wrote:

"As shallow and weird as I may sound, this is probably the biggest problem I
have with feminism, and probably now the court system. They are turning
otherwise decent men away from women. This may not be a problem for the
feminists who are lesbians but it is for heterosexual women feminists or
otherwise. Perhaps that is why the most recent set of guys I dated were so up
front about their problems with women, I guess trying to make it clear that it
cannot happen to them again.."

Brilliantly put.

You have encapsulated the deleterious impact upon good women like yourself of
this vile, greed- and power-driven system.

You individually are not the enemy of men who you date. But men are not so
smart (myself included) as to be able to discern which woman, when the "system"
gets its hands on her/them, might do it to them again. Therefore, guys are
gun-shy with respect to all women. That is one of the horrid consequences of a
"family" (sic) court system which is fueled by

1. seizure and liquidation of men's assets, and
2. binding men into 20 year slave obligations for children they had no "choice"
over, noting that many of them were sperm-trapped into slavery.

These men all live their lives in fear now. Fear of prison just for losing
their jobs. It is a Federal crime to fall behind on "child support" by $5,000,
and this Federal crime means jail time.

The problem is, that the "child support" in the vast majority of cases, is set
at a level where the man is all but guaranteed to fall behind at some point.
There are reasons for this over-setting by the courts which this blog covers in
other sections, but suffice it to say that the real threat of excessive "child
support" awards are used by lawyers to draw parents into an expensive
self-defense fight. (I.e., if one doesn't care about custody, then maybe the
lawyers can get you to pay all your life savings in legal fees so as to avoid an
excessive child support award. And you wouldn't take this danger seriously
unless the courts were regularly handing out excessive awards.)

Anyway LorMarie, my initial impression that you have a very good head on your
shoulders has been confirmed by your ability to see past people's rants and

Maybe you will be the next Oprah -- or even better than she is in certain areas
of insight about what is going on in this country. Keep using you head, and
keep looking past the often offending symptoms of screaming victims to see the
underlying causes of their behavior. Most people are good, and when lots of
them are ranting and screaming in the same way, chances are in this country that
yet another scam has gotten a hold of them. The family court scam is one of the
most vile in this country's history. I think you see that clearly, and I hope
your family members can avoid the damage this system so routinely inflicts on
innocents for its own profit and power.



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