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Friday, April 17, 2009

MooPig "I Don't Want to Skeer ya' Now..." Department:

Your Lawn-Care Big-Foot Print

Retrieved by Pat Darnell and the Sasquatch Family Hoard

Can we actually figure out how to transcend human destruction of Nature, and Nature's propensity to cleanse itself with extinction level events? In this era?

*[CLICK] MooPig Example: Texas = 42 mows per year\a quarter acre = 11000 Square feet +\- and 5 acres = 217,800 Sq ft
The Clean Air Lawn Care Web site even has a calculator to show how much you can reduce your carbon footprint by using this green service. ...Just select "lawn calculator" at the bottom left of the home page... [HERE]

Green Gardening: A new green choice for lawn lovers
It's a sunny Saturday morning. A soft spring breeze mingles birdsong with the roaring of mowers as millions of Americans prepare to attack their lawns.
[ ... ]
During the coming mowing season, about 800 million gallons of gas will burn to trim American lawns. According to EPA estimates, lawn equipment produces as much as 10 percent of all air pollution. That's a huge amount.
[ ... ]
In Washington and across the country, every major waterway is contaminated with almost two-dozen toxins, about half of which comes from lawn and garden products. Again, the lawn and garden contribution is enormous.
[ ... ]
Commercial services can use even deadlier toxins than those available at your local garden center.
[ ... ] Clean Air Lawn Care also buys certified renewable energy credits to offset the emissions of their trucks. The Clean Air Lawn Care Web site even has a calculator to show how much you can reduce your carbon footprint by using this green service. (Just select "lawn calculator" at the bottom left of the home page.)
[ ... ]
Ladd Smith, co-owner of In Harmony, said, [ ... ]"The Street of Dreams was a catalyst for change," he says. "We believe that educating the public and providing them with solutions is the way to get people to convert to a greener way of thinking."
[Ann Lovejoy is the author of many gardening books. She can be reached via mail at: 8959 Battlepoint Drive N.E., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.]
*MooPig Example Results: TX 42 mows, for gas powered lawn equipment... 1/4 acre at 11,000 Sq ft
Annual Pounds of Air Pollution = 301.70 pounds
Comparable Annual Vehicle Miles = 9240.0 miles

*Second Example Results: TX 42 mows, for gas powered.. 5 acres at 217,800 Sq ft
Annual lbs of air pollution = 5973.75 lbs
Comparable Annual Vehicle miles = 182,952.0 miles

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MooPig_Wisdom said...

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Apr 16 2009 9:21 PM

I remember a story told me by a young whipper snapper two-score years ago: seems this young 'un had a job selling Time Shares along a swamp... called Roman Forest.. or something like that, and he lived there in one of the model town-homes, without furniture, that had the pink Cadillac parked in the drive... the Caddy that everyone filled out a ticket to win in a drawing [on a future date, of which still has not been stipulated]... 'n something about swamp-gases and a girl on the run, named Purty?..

That story always makes me smile pretty darn quick.

Other wise, anytime someone mentions Miles Davis, I smile the "all-knowing smile" of wisdom and character... urs, Pat. Pend.

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