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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Materiel Gurlz

Few People ever actually Relax through some sort of Meditation
by Pat Darnell

Consider with me a moment, please, our universe. Then as you slowly sink into your mind thinking of our infinite universe, maybe you could consider also co-existing universes… never ending, full of worlds, without ends.

As you become more comfortable, and rested in the thoughts of places waiting for you to explore throughout infinity, could you then begin a journey through space in an enjoyable armchair, satisfactorily at ease, experiencing new things and materials far out of bounds to
our usual comfortable hobbit holes?

We travel, we see that amounts of materials in the universe is so large, we are astonished that we ever troubled over our “needs for more and more” back on earth — living superficially on only the crust of earth.

Traveling like this immediately expands our once limited minds, and unused regions of our brains are stimulated and aid in our awe and understanding of the structure and nature of infinite universe. We become tame and relaxed in the journey, as we pass from and to another and another beautiful
region of our universe.

In a steady unhurried motion, like we have known in our dreams, we move ever so smoothly through many, many far flung spaces where our surroundings is like cream poured into hot tea. There are swirls of convection as we travel through cold areas into warmer and then burning furnaces of creation, escaping back to cooler space.

We move through the material universe of creation like whales easily swaying in the sea, and
we feel this is an ancient migration, our natural response to instincts, to a place of our further destinies in faith, hope and charity, as whales do migrations from pole to pole on earth.

We go extreme distances each time we blink, far enough away that we reminisce
about our first home, earth, and remember how small we were there. We find mother earth is our index, or homing point as we navigate the expanse. We have discovered that infinity is continuous discovery.

From the tiniest green lizard that was first on the scene this day of spring on earth, climbing out from the whey of winter to the holly
bush that is humming with hundreds of returned honey bees, we too learn to branch out and explore new dimensions.

Thanks for joining me tonight in a moment of eternal braid of life.
Now when I snap my fingers, someone please call me and wake me up… 1, 2, 3…
snorezzzzzzzz ... zzzzzzzz

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