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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

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Midwest GUEST Correspondent Checks in on Cairo Islam Melee
Retrieved from Email by MooPig Wisdom FWD Department

To the research department:
In light of the mess in Egypt and all points sandy, I believe a simple word study could give us all we need in order to predict the outcome of the upcoming 'meeyon muslim march in Cairo today.
I am requesting some help[ from the vast resource staff at MpW :

The Italian word ' arrabiato' has as it's root, of course, the word 'arab'.
The word in Italian means ANGRY.

Making Arabia, and anywhere that camels can trod, the land of Angry People.

One million angry people all together without so much as a 3x5 card with an agenda, nor even a few bulleted To-do's (no inference intended by bulleted - though that word will shortly be appropriate as sure as beatings follow marriage in the world of Sharia lawlessness )

The only good that can come is if our leader and President immediately flies over to Cairo and, rolling up his sleeves like a Kennedy, walks out into the middle of the crowd to bring all to their senses and use his mediation skills to restore order.
After his funeral the blood lust of the region will be quelled for a short time and the hooka vendors can resume their trade, the army can return to it's barracks and Israel can gently slide the nukes back into their safe silos and close the lids.

Not my loftiest or most gracious sentiments this morning - And thus, all the more, I turn to MpW for some clarity and some of that peace that passes for understanding but which is really just a cover for how scared we all really are.
Thank you

One of the many thousand fans of the blog


Dear RC:
We have put MooPig's Million Islams March Editor-in-Chief on the story.


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Bill Gaines said it
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