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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brain Industries: Hemisity [no not as in a Dodge RAM]

Anything Brain catches my eye, you too? Here is a great one from Modern Mechanix dot com, [Yesterday's tomorrow Today] from 74-ish years ago ...
retrieved by Pat Darnell and our TV Hosts
Scientists Invent Machine To Discover How Brain Works
(Apr, 1935)  Filed under: Medical, Origins — @ 12:53 pm
Source: Modern Mechanix ( More articles from this issue; see website) Issue: Apr, 1935

More recent discoveries bring even less comprehensible results, as in "Oh yeah -- it's COMPLICATED":

Origin, Meaning, and Distinction between the Three Brain Laterality Terms: Dominance, Asymmetry, and Hemisphericity.

Hemispheric Dominance: Although Diocles of fourth century BC Greece may have been the first to write about brain laterality (Lockhorst, 1985), Marc Dax was the first in the modern era to note a difference in function between the cerebral hemispheres. In 1836, he noted that victims of injury to the left hemisphere (LH), but not right hemisphere (RH) could not speak. This hemispheric asymmetry for language was thought to be tied to contra-lateral hand preference by Paul Broca (1865) in an example of over generalization ( ... ). Nearly a century passed before any further manifestations of hemispheric laterality were discovered. Then, a large study by Weisenberg and McBride (1935) demonstrated a RH preeminence in visiospatial skills. [SOURCE]
The Dual Quadbrain Model’s capacity to account for the entirety of human behavior from the diabolic to the sublime was used to derive a more accurate, brain-dependent, operational definition for hemisphericity. The phenomenon of hemisphericity exists because the single unilateral Executive Ego has limited access to functions based in the opposite half of the brain. Thus for example, those individuals who’s Executive Ego innately is in their left cingulate limbic cortex, manifest a left brain behavioral orientation because left brain functions are more accessible to it, and vise versa.
That is, in right-handed, LH languaged individuals, putative right hemisphere traits are proposed to be more prominent in some individuals, resulting in a “Right brain”-oriented personality style (Davidson and Hugdahl, 1995; Shiffer, 1996), while in others the left hemisphere traits are more ascendant, producing a contrasting “Left brain”-oriented style (Springer and Deutch; 1998; Fink, 1996). Thus, original assignment of the term “hemispheric dominance” to language laterality has ultimately forced the creation of yet a third laterality term, that of hemisphericity (Bogen, 1969; Bogen, DeZure, Tenhouten, and Marsh, 1969) to account for this third hypothesized laterality phenomenon. Barriers to pronunciation of hexasyllabic “hemisphericity” are bypassed by use of the abbreviation, hemisity.

... hemisity.

You Got all That? Good. Next time :: Brain thoughts for food.

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