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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MooPig Exclusive :: Somali Pirate Rapper, Third Proposition

by Pat Darnell and Death Wish

Your Rapper Premiere Blog will start in 1:29 Minutes ... right after this phto montage of Pamela A and Tommy Lee:

Somewhere Off the Coastal Fishing Waters of Somalia ...

Unknown Somali Rapper recorded at Gulf of Aden Coastal Beach Party and Arms Swap Meet

Retrieved by CIA Eye in the Sky Recording Studios

We live the jam
we even got Pam
and Tommy Lee band
to entertain our gang

we get our new boats
'n skiffle out to promote
chewing top notch khat
our stimulant that
keeps us afloat
to smoke us 'dem hash
and sieze your boat,
and round up your crew

yo, philopinno, ya' know,

yo momma she sho'

'nuff got no dough

for your hostage ass

so i tell ya though

wha' i gawanna do

gann'a get a forty four
and send you to skewl
all hands on deck
so you can join my crew

ken I git a spell check.. wappa wappa
let's ... git ... a ...spell check;
... git a spell check; git a spell check;
uh huh uh huh gitta a gitta a gitta a git;
... git a spell check;

Hey, now, you fools, Captains too,
all you tools; we the skewls,
pirate gangs of Gulf of Aden
We da' Coast guard clans sayin'
all dem' suicide Taliband
roamin' the land playin'
building vendor stands
and cutting off hands

So git wid this furst
Our samplin' brain Trust Brand --
Sumpin' like dis:  -- Yo'
we da' interpret'd method
origin'lly related as stated
to boast absolute idea, tied
wid' specific entities and orders
traditional fishin' methods abated

t'were no match for our tides

crawling with illegal trawlers

that raided our fishin' waters

Abandon 'dat fishin' shi'yit

So 'dat assertable propositions

is necessarily opposed to it

by yo' apparent contradiction

to be reconciled inclusion
by a third proposition to wit'

of da' third party clan infusion

That's us; ain't it funny?
we r' higher level of truth
'cause we all want the money

-- build some homes with roofs --
n' dat's da' Hegelian proofs
Yeah, baby, gi' me my gold tooth --
'cause 'dat is da' Hegelian Proof

yonder 'dem businessmens
askin' us soldurz' of fortunes
som' dere for loans and games
and US weapons we hoardin'
ha ha -- we think that's kinda lame

That's right; all yo'r kennedy's

sho' 'nuff been askin' us'

loan them some currency

then we supos'd to trust them?

What? we supposed to hawala,

thas' jus' ... well,

that is jus' ... i declare,
descending to lunacy

Hey, hey, fool

Hey, hey, we the skewl,
You 'da ones in truancy,

We pirate gangs off coast of

Gulf of Aden, we be spadin'
'cause we gonna skewl you,
We da' Coast guard clans
jus' like dem' Talibans invadin'
<wid' their nasty phlegms

you know; th' ones who ganna screw you
and all your plans



Pribek said...

"Hegelian proofs"...that reeks of street cred rat dere

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Reeks for sure. I bin meenin' to aks you: did you fall off that horse?

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