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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marketing on the Internet

There is no Urgency, at all
by Pat Darnell all by hisself

Consider this summation metaphor of "how marketing is developed on the internet up to now." In many ways there has been No real progress in inventing methods to reach untold numbers of future customers. Most of the scraping about is, more or less, adaptation of old marketing blah-blah.

Techniques must be re-hashed -- enough to look like fishing. With a net. Fishers throw their net into the sea. With the net cast, they gather fishes who are swimming randomly in schools or alone, but following instinct to find a meal, or to be eaten.

The fish are brought out of their habitat as a catch of "One." Yet included in the catch are multiples of different fishes and such. All the and such is tossed back to the sea, while the desirable fish are put in the ship's hold and kept fresh with ice refrigeration.

With other casts of their net each amount is added to the previous catches ... and this is not brain science.

When the half-dozen fishermen return to their dock, they offload to buyers their catches. The buyers further subdivide fish they have bought and sell to end-users. No? Anyone can go down to the docks and buy right off the boats.

Why is there so much Urgency though? Time rules this operation; time stalled can ruin this whole supply chain. Once fish are removed from their sea borne habitat, minutes are ticking till that fillet is fresh-baked on a customer's plate in downtown Chicago, St Louis, or Phoenix. Every one down to our waiter gets paid... no?

Our internet seems to follow this marketing supply chain scheme, over and over. Only thing is, it is a lousy, knuckleheaded way to market on internet. Why it prevails I can only imagine that end users, gourmands at white table clothed tables at Ditka's, love fresh fish. I know I do. And we think we will get a fresh fish from the internet?

Time of Delivery, TOD, implies that we are jumping to conclusions based on a impossible time factor. We are basing our cold calls on a leap-frog action: such as "fisher gathers net, grabs fish from catch, fillets and eats before he even gets back to the shore ... or such."
If our same end user, on the internet, has a delay in a download for some tidbit of information, does it mean the internet is going stale for them? Don't be ridiculous.

Does it mean they will never get a fresh flounder fillet if information doesn't arrive in less than 90 seconds ... while less than 4 seconds is preferred? Instantaneous gratification is not a valid result. Instantaneous would require a result of zero. Our fish is no fresher because of the Internet.

Unfortunately the same numbers that apply to selling door to door apply to internet selling stuff. What you want is the fish jumping into your boats.

But if you can't have it that way: One in thirteen may look at your doomafloochie, and out of a thousand maybe ten will purchase your widdet--assflak-binwad. Ignore all other dramatic Kilz Zone Urgency tactics, there is no urgency with internet marketing.

There is no urgency with internet marketing what others say: From one who is an expert in the art of it -- Cold Calling Sucks " ...Whether it was pure coincidence or the product of several years of MIT and Berkley grads gathered in IT labs writing code and developing algorithms in hopes of perfecting the one-to-one advertising model, this was the first banner ad to ever secure a click from my mouse ..." (ND; the watering hole; retrieved 10.04.2009)
MooPig enterprises has a solution to the fishing -- net -- expletives deleted -- sloppy adaptation of old stuff examples ... the solution is in the nature of the internet and computing power. We are hell bent on redefining old cliches at MooPig.

It doesn't have to be "one on one" at all, nope not anymore -- fishers now have a chance to be "two on one," as your lowest common denominator. The power of making a "warm call" using the real power of computing is in multiples of logic boards acting in tandem. That's right, to bring in the really big fish, attach two lines to the fighting giant, and reel it in that way. Catch, tag and bag  ....
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