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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New York. 3 a.m. Blues in C. says the Ad... someone had fun with this one

MooPig Introduces its Peaks and Valleys Department

Kieth Richards is shown on the back cover of Cigar Aficionado August 2008 issue as patron and partner of Louis Vuitton, supporting The Climate Project.

Most Keith Richards fans would brand him and give him his burn notice. MooPig Editorials Dept. finds this a bit drastic.

"It is too early to speculate if Keith is a turncoat, or an Economic hit man,"
said Op/Ed editor-in-chief.

Click here for the Climate Project; The Climate Project consists of 1,000 dedicated volunteers from throughout the United States, trained to educate the public about climate change. Our hope is that by raising the awareness of our fellow citizens about this crisis and informing them about potential solutions, all of us, together, can preserve the climate balance on which our planet depends...
The Climate Project, a nonprofit organization based in Nashville, TN, began operations in June 2006 with the mission of increasing public awareness of the climate crisis at a grassroots level in the United States and abroad. By April 2007, a diverse group of 1,000 volunteers from throughout the U.S. had been trained by Al Gore himself to present a version of the slideshow featured in the Academy Award-winning film An Inconvenient Truth. As of May 2008, they had delivered more than 15,000 presentations and reached a combined audience of well more than a million people.

More on Keith Richards click here:

"Keith Richards; Every time he’s interviewed he comes up with something that’s going to get some extra coverage. These quotes are from an upcoming piece for Uncut Magazine.
On drugs… “I know the fascination, but it ain’t worth it, pal.'"(; Music. 28 Feb 2008)
Economics: MooPig has used the hem length of women's dresses as leading indicator of the economy. Since many women no longer wear dresses or skirts, this method has become iffy. Therefore the MooPig Economics Department branch of Peaks and Valleys Department, has issued a Memo that it will start using Keith Richards as the leading economic indicator. What Keith Richards does, so does the economy.

Click here for Pollstar results and discussions of our other indicators click this title: The year of the Wrinkled Rocker comes to a close --
No, raising ticket prices is not the solution Pollstar guy. Any moron can look at the above list and figure out that; Young people aren’t going to shows.
"Young people… aren’t going to see Elton John, or Rod Stewart, or Roger friggin’ Waters. And, in some insane, alternate reality, if my 17-year-old stepson wanted to take a girl to go see Phil Collins, he damn sure would not lay out the cost of a PlayStation3 to do it.

-- and --

"Hell, they had to wait on Eddie Van Halen to recover from hip surgery and go through rehab before he could shake his money maker and, he was the one touring. How are you going to continue to pry those fans off of the couch to risk D.U.I. in an attempt to rekindle a bit of misspent youth?" (Pribek; music business. 27 Dec 2007)


Pribek said...

Wow, somebody must have switched our pork steaks at birth, no? I'm writing about architecture in Dubai and you got Keef and Tom Waits.

Speaking of Keef; Now, what I'm going to say here is stuff I've been shouting from the rooftops for a while now and, the mainstream continues to ignore it. Maybe, you will have the wherewithal to understand the impact and follow up on this.

Go look up trepanation then, go look up voluntary trepanation and see how some of these people who have done it, describe the effects.

Then, think back to Keef, on vacation falling out of a coconut tree. They had to fly him to Borneo for "emergency surgery". Got that, Borneo.

Then, look back at all the uncharacteristic activity our favorite sandbagging guitarist has been engaging in.

The Nimrods in the press focus on things like Kieth snorting his Dad's ashes and completely ignore the fact that the Dude has a...HOLE...IN...HIS...HEAD!!!

MooPig_Wisdom said...

No, your pork steak is much bigger than mine.

Okay, I have briefly reviewed the trepanation phenom, and already I think that world leaders need holes drilled up there, in the craniums. Civil servants should by law have a filtered breathe hole upstairs.

It relieved Keefer's pressure on his brain, but it would allow more O2 to the processing centers, as I read it. I see also Keef vacationing like a Kennedy at his age, while becoming Louis Vuitton's poster model. Wow, what a history.

This procedure could very well be the "key" or the "fountain" that everyone is looking for. What a discovery if it proves to be responsible for eccentricities of survival.

As usual it is discovered in the wake of a almost fatal accident. I speculate that it will go down as the Keeferian Effect once his autopsy is performed on August 29, 2045.

Anyway, it is always nice to have you drop by and spread the good word. Rest assured I will be pursuing this midsummer night's theme... [hmmm, I wonder if any of us could persuade Tom Waits to undergo trepanation?]

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Bill Gaines said it
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