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Thursday, April 08, 2010

MTC 12 "Unsettling Settlers" Re-Run

Truncated History of future Moon Base “New Australia” 2108

Goat Heads of the Mists
Out of the mists
Ascend goats
Toppling cairns

Riding magma moat
Of conformation
And advent

Amid new Tibetan craters
Stiffened n’ arched spines
Hoofed charger,
ramming speed
Radiant goat
heads butting, butting
Sure-foot woolen beast

Carved in stone

Circumstance and path
Origins of goat alphabet
Goateed alphabet of rut
In New Australia 2108

The Hitchhiker
Turning the tables
Always led to

Increase in hitchhiking
Due to turn-about
Is still fair-play

Canyon freckled

Creation reckoned
Space time beckoned
Journey on spinning spheres

Litany of courage
Frailty of flash
Hounded, lest forgotten
Satan shackled
at last

Creation ending
Creation unfolding
Only restart of something
Rewind and fast forward

Woolly barber
well shearer
Lamb of God

Reckoned beaker
Promise perfect

Garden lair
and Rams’ pairs
Creation of mist
Ram heads in the air

Sun not up yet
In dawn haze
She is there; She is there
Horned owl, winged lion
Catching frog eyes
To swallow

Drops down

Plucks them
From grassy hideaways
Fills her gullet

Sharp her eyes
Sharper talons
Her direct flight
Efficient and fruitful
Sends chills down
A morning spine

Rabbits run across lupines
on Grandmother’s grave
stop abrupt, give vigil gaze

...above in predawn predation haze
First light; she splinters off
To her loftier nest
full of Owlets, hungry
For rat, frog and fish

-- Life evident

birth Burdened with Myth
Owl knows well that night
is Living history of moon light
Lunar specter as light reflector

Like an hour of darkness laser

Moon has been burdened
As accurate metaphor for Satan
Masquerading as source of light

But really only reflecting
some True light down on paths
Of those living in darkness --
Truth eclipses comparison

but Satan was shackled
by the Son

Pygmy rock bounder
Horned errant
As mists lifts
Burning away
Pledged woolly robed visitor
In secrets earnest

To charge enemies who
Advance in truest form
Train eyes sternest

Cry: "Forward --
“No retreat”

Woes freighted
As traumas converge
Valor splendid
On shoulders
In morning mists
As moon and sun
Set and rise

with moon wind between

ram heads
Filling sky
Barely above mists
Eye on eye
Brains of rams
and goat heads of the mists
leaping in sixth sense
high flying in gravity sixth

The Naked Stalk
Mote, threshed loosed
Dry grass,
Stalks of grain, straw,
Stubble of
Naked husk
To settle forth

Lecherous she-things
seem to steam out
of walls, and seams
And even from books

Acting on treachery
Everywhere --
Even from her regard
In possession of she-brain

She-goat Elizabeth
Mourns the mist
‘Must we wake to mist?
Every morn?’
She asks Brother Charles
And Freddie Fodder

Self interest
Heightened senses, much like,
Reality is no reality...
surrounded by gravity
So must pass through
Deaf, dumb processing
Go they, so, virtually
Real, eh...
And that’s not all

There is self service
It is complicated, much like,
"Who said we should clip wings
"And tag bears
"And skin leopards ?"

Some curse of dust
moon settlers continue to live under
Proceeding with others’ wishes
Like once was said --
It is complicated

Much like Freemasonry,

and cults of fertility

How else could

well meaning descendant's'

of Baal find redeeming lives

than by staging robust migrate

to Lunar Base 2108?

Too many replications
Destroy antidotes
No one will baby sit
Like billy goats
No being does--
No caste has
gone this remote

New Australia
A goat kissed the mist
Her name is D V Dram,
She was looking for
2020 exhibits on Main
At Chevy Chase Ray

in New Cairo, Siam

She did a quick search
On her Bic.surgeX
To match the beast
At her feet, on its leash
With something
Recognizable of late
In her "Lunar Navigator
Correlative plates"

As missionary to moon
Her mission had been
Preach -- teach -- reach
But how
If she could not even
The primal screech
or errant bray
Of a flawed speech

How D V Dram
Worried for her kind
The boulevard
Was vacated at this time
But a large building
Was teeming
With fellow goat-herds seeming

To cajole and work

So there she commenced
To investigate the edifice where

The sign read "New Australia
Public Works and Metal Bending
Relics and Attributes Division"

Loud equipment
Being run by
Even louder natives
Conveyors fed presses
Up and down went machines
Banging thunderously
Into their bases

Where from afterward
Bent metal shot out
Onto belts and rollers
To where sparks flew
As parts got welded

D V Dram’s wrist vibrated
To show her the implicated
Match to her query of late
"It is a Dog-Cat,
somewhat matriculated"

"Thanks, SurgeX, return to steady state.."

Ecosystem Evidence
What truly is Remarkable

There is an entire ecosystem
Living collective, in and under
The "Public Works and Metal Bending
Relics and Attributes Division"
Factory floor
of Moon marble

where giant plants have rooted
growing great leaves fluted
Covering large stipules
Sticking out and being
Cross fertilized
By hummingbird spicules

Actually clones of hover
Drop tiny substance
On the flat leaves where
Large slugs scoot
along stems and roots
slurping up
droppings and algae
peanut shells, and grimy
Nicotine scale -- while

Winged butterflies follow
Their sluggish friends
And poke in turn
in the dust
on pollen laden heads
Of hummingbird's

Circles of oily fungi
Form in the slug slime
Growing into mushrooms
Of lunar kind

Microscopic inspection
Would doubtless reveal
An entire sub-visible thrill
Of thistle and seed
Typical of nature's industry
Of outback flotsam and debris
Underway now for a century

Just so we are all
up to speed --
On the same page,
Concerning chaos of age --
Noting its all the rage online
with settlers of

"New Australia Lunar" Stage
Is not a gate of heaven
by any sage...

Goats had hitchhiked
To lunar surface early
And Goat DNA had
Entered the "Errol Morris
Clone Factory" accidentally

And today was Day of the Dead
On Ubilam Beach, where

their leader calls out names

of passed away beloved

"Bedlam, Balaam, Belem, Balsam
"Bart rap, Bangles and Bartech --"
Called Bursar the Human Zy Goat
Calling out names of his dead
And departed relatives

The new races
Of New Australia
Were exceptionally strict
Well-measured and manicured
Almost Draconian ticked

They established a cemetery for
And a thin blue line
For security

They held festivals regularly
Such as: Misters of Death
Like today, and Fogs of War,
And, Mists of Plutonium
Or, Holographic Holocaust horror

Also, was a day of Locusts
and The Squid and the Whale

And the naming by Bursar stopped...

Even now
As new Goat Herds
Trippingly Pronk
And roust
Bounding in the kettle moraine
Of lunar surface

One of best times in their
Golden era was 7 x 6
Lunar cycles of childhoods
pre-Time when pupae
Out-birthed as humanoids
Into conditions favorable
And not toxin to clones
Mixed with mountain stock
Of venerable RAM’s analog

As factors allow
Childhoods to reach fruition
In accordance of some singularity
Known as pre-bang mechanics

Abiding no longer
Just as a mental construct
But as a mistake of science
Achieving furtherance

Through moderate living attribute
Of environmental factors and

With pollutants in abate
Meeting effectively all appraisal
For lunar base New Australia 2108

by Patrick Darnell, 05.31.2008
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