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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food and Drugs, Fresh Water, and Healthcare: Global South

Healthcare Reform -- a Colossal Waste of Resource .... !
by Pat Darnell

8th Visit today -- but seriously, ... Making it a Law???

Also, not to be a thorn in your [....] nor a practitioner of tangential mechanics to divert attention... no, not even trying to be cute; here is a different kind of interview transcript you might find applicable:

"Bolivian President Evo Morales on President Obama: 'I Can’t Believe a Black President Can Hold So Much Vengeance Against an Indian President' ”

I feel the problemo is three sided. Yes, One is applied science of health care; Two is fresh water supply; Three is food and medicine, as in FDA. ?? No?

Let me make this personal:
Looking back I have never been able to afford healthcare in any form. Even with ample group health insurance I have gone into debt almost every time we needed extensive medical attention for any of our immediate family of eight. Six children from birth to adult hoods, what a nightmare to provide logical, affordable, health care...

And, at 87 my father and mother, God love them, are anxious about "out-living the money."

I don't know anyone today in my circle of family and friends who can honestly say: "I am covered and my family is covered in the event of longterm medical emergency or so on.."

PHOTO credit

Bureaucrats like Hillary and Barry, on the government payroll, with cushy pensions are no judge to any kind of healthcare reforms. They are simply idiot savants, without the savants, if you catch my drift.

They can dance all they want to. Dance like Mick Jagger.. (referral: God, History and You, -- HERE)

[blah blah blah blecch! wretchedness. FLAP!!!]

They can waltz, all I care.

They can spin like draedals...

... And the AMA can spend trillions to persuade bureaucrats to dance to their tune, it is out of my hands... out of my league, always was, always will be.
This interview has mention of the Global South... that means food producers... go on and tell me cost of healthcare cannot be lowered worldwide with proper diet, and plenty of fresh water? Go on try to convince me.

Flowers rock; and so do forests; and you too, MooPigsters everywhere.
[pd out, for now]

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MooPig_Wisdom said...

PRESIDENT EVO MORALES: [translated] The thing is that there’s permanent sabotage and blackmail from the US government. I cannot believe that a black president can have so much vengeance with an Indian president, because our grandparents and our populations, black and indigenous, have been excluded, marginalized, humiliated. That’s where Obama is coming from, from that experience and that suffering. And me, too. And so, it’s one who’s been discriminated against discriminating against another who’s been discriminated against, one oppressed who is oppressing another oppressed. So much blackmail, and the so much blackmail we had experienced before, and now I’m being subject to $3 million blackmail.

But it’s with great pride and humility that we’re now better off without the United States. We’re better off economically. And in terms of macroeconomic policy, we’re better off without the International Monetary Fund.

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