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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Interfaces with faceBook and Our Age of throw-away Philosophy

Compost versus Composed 
How is it supposed to Work?
by Pat Darnell

Welcome to MooPig RADiiO Free Europe -- Afternoon quittin' time, ramping up to go home and do some GARDENING !! Get that? Get the most out of your compost.
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Patrick Darnell Yes, you can make a snailery composter too. Snail Composter -- make the blighters work for you!
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Patrick Darnell Not only garden waste but kitchen waste, cotton, and wool clothes and shredded paper can all be composted.
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Margie Benson So you really are planting.
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Patrick Darnell yes -- we be plantin' for our first Spring as new homeowners...
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Patrick Darnell Raised planting beds are an effective way of keeping your various vegetable crops separate and lessening the risk of spreading disease.
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Patrick Darnell There is a mind-boggling array of fertilizers on the shelves of garden centers; but they fall into just a few basic categories: Straight, compound, slow-release, liquid, and foliar. Foliar means liquid fertilizers that are also applied by spraying on the leaves. Epiphytes, plants with small root systems, or plants whose roots are feeble, are best served with foliar fertilizer.


Patrick Darnell On year a Tibetan Cherry tree became sickly with leaves turning yellow and falling off in late Spring. One application of Epsom salts at 7 ounces in 2 gallons of water as a foliar and root feed was enough to perk the tree up. It had been suffering from magnesium deficiency, probably due to heavy rain on light soil. (Biggs, Matthew. 2005. techniques and tips for gardeners)

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Patrick Darnell If you put plants that don't enjoy damp soil on a boggy pond side site, they will simply drown for lack of oxygen.
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Patrick Darnell Twin compost bins mean you can start piling fresh material into one, while the other is almost ready for use.
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Patrick Darnell Soil, dug over and left for the elements to break down during winter, will make a fine tilth for plants by spring.
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Pribek said...

OK, mostly I gotta keep quiet because in recent days I've run in to a Marxist and a Scientologist that both disagree with everything I say but don't know why because they can't shut up long enough to know why.

They both make valid cases.

But, one thing I do know' Raised beds suck. You gots to make oblong boxes out of 2X12s that weigh 1/4 of a ton (nautical) and yank 'em around the yard until the little lady is sassyfied and then...even though you use treated lumber (organic my arse!) they rot in 2.7 growing seasons and you have to replace 'em and the old ones aren't fit for a tribal fire.

I hear that horseradish kills everything else within a couple of hundred yards...might want to keep that in your reactive mind and power to the peoples...out.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Ahh, good to know,... I thought maybe you were overly fatigued, and therefore quiet.

And do tell me where the Marxcist and Scalentolotrist dwell so I can shadow them... sounds like a mission quest to upstage and expose a couple biches.

Texas A/M has experimental labs [thousands of acres, etc] surrounding its main campus with all sorts of plant pheromones being released animal-wise and flora-wise...
And it cancels all the logic I read in these garden books. We have strains of grass that professors left behind in our neighborhood... that turn weed-eators into whimpering, toothless old weed- geezers.

We have first year freshman experiments at every Aggie Grandmother's house, County-wide...

Maybe we need to rub our "raised planters planks" with ambergris? We'll need to import some sperm whale crude to do that.. that sounds like a winner, no?

I am so glad there is someone out there who actually gets some of the sloughing cells falling on this keyboard -- as in my last gasping brain's Systemologist Stages .... [what word to use here in ending?] ABERCROMBIE !!

You Spout Truth all the time !!??

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Also, horseradish is my next Googler noodling rampage .. sounding like an "Apothecarie" in here. Hmmmm

Pribek said...

In the interests of full disclosure and tax-exempt Marxism, I submit this ad link that appeared in my g-mail

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