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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Move the Whole Damn Thing to Kansas City...

YAHTZEE !!! I fear my acrid sarcasm is lost in here ... guess I'll eventually hang it up. Jeeeez ... the US Government is based on check and balance... the legislature is a kettle of words, the Judicial is a conditional barricade to personal freedom, and the executive is a figurehead bombast ... they are supposed to check each other...

At Noah Kerwin: ... for government to remain pure, it cannot be a business... nor a livelihood... Bill and Hillary are my definition of government welfare cases to the highest degree; they've been on the government payroll and handout almost all their adult lives... Chelsea is the ultimate welfare baby going to Ivy League school? Gimme a break!

As for Comments in this thread -- What you all talk about is the 'shadow government' perceived or real, that is made up of appointed -- not elected -- officials. Every time Barry Obama appoints a new Czar ... it increases his power by one pawn forward ... unaccountability of another commissioner...

And in the original message this generalization is wrong: " Who do they think makes the call on military action? Yup, the government."

The military makes the call on military action. It is the only organization that has the training, personnel, chain of command, and guts to carry out all four phases of modern warfare. Phase four of Iraq occupation has failed because the military was replaced with civilian and ambassador groups, who fail because of lack of training, and lacking chain of command, leads to lack of coordination between agencies and forces... and heck, they succumb to lobbyists ... YIKES!

My solution? Start with the snake's Head ::
Sell Washington to Disney on a 99 year lease back, and make it into a theme park.. it is a government seat in disrepair... but preserve its historical value... the Capitol building itself is a fire hazard, and all those Top Dog Senators and Congress-people meet there gathered in the actual place, putting our national security in double jeopardy ... ask any Fire Chief....

The buildings cannot be defended because of their proximity to the east coast and ports, and nations's busiest hubs...

Then you set up a system of moving the actual meeting places and housing to different cities every six years. Why six? that's because the modern Presidency usually lasts 6 of 8 years when the Incumbent is impeached... leaving the last two years as the lamest ducks ever to lead the Free World ... why not let the Prez take the lead where the government will seat in the next 6 years... ?

Make the government move to say, St Louis for six years, then maybe Salt Lake City ... let areas in the US interior queue up for hosting Capitol City... makes the gathering place where all the legislators, plus judges and the President meet all under the same roof more defensible ... you know the next attack is going to be during the State of the Union Address ... are you all asleep?

Hey the ancient capitol of Japan was KYOTO, now it's TOKYO ... capitols don't have to stay in one place.. all those Lobbyists with face, and their brats all running around the hallways... time to flush it out.

Attrition, my fellow Americans, attrition... get used to it, if you call yourselves Americans that is. If you do business with the government, real or fantasy, you will either lose, or break even. You youngsters should learn that earlier than later.

That's my five minutes worth ... back to you Nathan ...
pd out.


MooPig_Wisdom said...

... capo ... to MooPig_Wisdom
show details 7:03 AM (16 hours ago)
You got an AMEN from the land of militia-men. There is a place for this voice of yours - somewhere in between the militia-man's cabin and talk radio. Somewhere in there. Between Sarah Palin and Michael Savage. Between the old man's barbershop and and the immigrant's cafe.
Keep up the good work.
Compostholestoy out

MooPig_Wisdom said...

OPA !!!!!!!!!!!!

MooPig_Wisdom said...

A Texas Girl

A Mexican, an Arab,

and a Texas girl are

in the same bar.

When the Mexican

finishes his beer,

he throws his glass

in the air, pulls out

his pistol, and shoots

the glass to pieces.

He says, 'In Mexico ,

our glasses are so

cheap we don't need

to drink with the same one twice.'

The Arab, obviously

impressed by this,

drinks non-alcohol beer

(cuz he's a muslim!),

throws it into the

air, pulls out his

AK-47, and shoots

the glass to pieces...

He says, 'In the

Arab World, we have

so much sand to make

glasses that we don't

need to drink with

the same one twice either.'

The Texas girl,

cool as a cucumber,

picks up her beer,

downs it in one gulp,

throws the glass into

the air, whips out her

45, and shoots the

Mexican and the Arab.

Catching her glass,

setting it on the bar, and calling for a refill,

she says,

'In Texas ,

we have so many

illegal aliens that

we don't have to

drink with the same ones twice.'

God Bless TEXAS

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