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Friday, November 13, 2009

FFoNWO :::: Founding Fathers of New World Order

I suppose one day we will all be standing in line, trying to find ourself.

I suppose one day the whole world will be under one government -- sort of a communist\democratic combination of sorts.

Some day we all won't eat meals, but drink our meals as liquids. And sleep as we do now will be unneeded, due to workers on 'round the clock shifts. We lose too much production when we have to start and stop work.

The United States is the most effective, and most successful system ever to be "invented."

TIME Almanac 2007 does not mention Barry Obama at all....

It does mention their own Person[s] of the Year : 2005 -- the Good Samaritans -- Bill and Melinda Gates, and BONO ....

-- And --
TIME Person of the Year in 2006 You ::: as in -- "Abstract choice; represents the individual content creator on the World Wide Web [that's Right!] It is YOU."

-- And --
2007 Vladimir Putin, b. 1952, First Russian chosen since the fall of the Soviet Union

-- And --  [drum roll please]

2008 Barack Obama, b. 1961, [...]

This sudden appearance of B.O. sort of supports Creationist Theory ... no? Not here :::: now here ... foray ... of the demigods ... faces in the stone, abduction theories and all ... plankton is not our forefathers .. eh?


Anonymous said...

Is there a pig or a dictator that Obama has NOT embraced and befriended?

Truly we must work to organize a means to impeach and remove this internal threat to our nation, its allies, its interests and its security.

"Good Morning, Mr. Phelps. Where the hell are you?"

Anonymous said...

This is Ahmadinejad's boy, Chavez (whom Obama backed in the Honduras coup). The strategic axis of evil in our Southern Hemisphere becomes more emboldened and fierce as the leader of the free world abandons good and embraces evil.

Brazil, Venezuela, and Bolivia are all scapegoating the Jews. It's just like the 1930's. The tiny Jewish people are once again the object of terrible blood libel, when it is the Jews who are under constant siege. The Jews the jihad wishes to annihilate. This is the terrible path to holocaust.

They will never steal Jerusalem from the Jewish people. It is ours.

Israel aims to 'terminate' Palestinians

Venezuela CARACAS, Nov 27 (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday charged that Israel aims to "terminate the Palestinian people" and said he backs the establishment of Jerusalem as capital of an independent Palestinian state.

"We .. are on the side of the Palestinian people's memorable struggle ... against the genocidal state of Israel that knocks down, kills and aims to terminate the Palestinian people," Chavez told visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

"We reiterate ... our greatest commitment and our greatest solidarity ... for the creation of an independent Palestinian state with the holy city of Jerusalem as its capital."

Chavez gave no details to support his charge that the Jewish state sought to eliminate the Palestinian population.

Socialist Chavez is a harsh critic of both Israel and the United States. In January, Venezuela cut diplomatic relations with Israel over the Israeli offensive in Gaza of nearly a year ago, which Chavez called a Palestinian "holocaust."

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