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Sunday, November 22, 2009

MooPig Wisdom: 1500 Questionable Posts Benchmark: Maturing Organism FAQ

1500 and Keepin' it Mature in the Middle
by Pat Darnell and the C-club at MooPig Enterprises
Edited and fixed today 11.23.2009

Soon MooPig Wisdom will have accomplished submittal of 1500 posts in its blog. We celebrated our 1000th postings with great joy amidst our staffers and friends.

MooPig Wisdom is a source of a sort'a thread of continuum we call the "Maturing Organism." Gretchen, someone, in 1976-ish, my fellow student at Trinity University, came up with that name. We worked with another student, Carol someone, as a trio team for Design class term paper. It was to be about organic architecture ideals identified by Frank Lloyd Wright.

That thread of continuum,  it turns out, is like a strand in a spider web. You should understand that Frank Lloyd Wright, FLW, as a student himself and intern of drunken genius, Louis Sullivan, had absorbed "the Masters" concepts of building materials, craftsmanship, and need of a building design to fit in its surroundings.

FLW perfected some of the malaise of Louis S, and stretched his ideas out like a strand off a central web, to his continuum identify Organic Architecture. Gretchen at some point called our efforts The Maturing Organism, or did Carol say it first? Can't remember obviously. I cannot take credit for the term project's name, however in its continuum context I have become MooPig da' Furst. Oh, I see, you say it is more a step back. Well, sometimes that is necessary too.

Lack of time, money and technology in 1976 kept Carol, Gretchen and I from getting as far along with our special project as hoped ...  [!! ... does that surprise anyone ...?]  ... and we had to drop it in our professore's lap with trepidation. In my awkward way, I suppose I said to self, "Self, someday we will finish that project."
Professore thought it was a great project, saying, "Did you learn?" Prof Patton gave us "A's" which I am sure was due to me having attractive female bookends.


Why the name MooPig: That's easy ... We are what we eat.

What is the MooPig Wisdom mission: Besides thread of continuum thingy... we are a shadow blog of brilliant writers who have found this blogging venue to be something of a testing ground, or, staging area; Public Venue of Internet that is. MooPig can only search out a tiny smidgeon of the trillions of morsels for its own image writers, but so what?

What category, or brand, of blogging does MooPig have: When a bull reaches a certain age, he is sort of a drone. It has nothing to do with ability to sire, because there is Viagra for Bulls too, but his dynamic and DNA has run a course that nature dictates decommissioning our herds large big dumb patriarchal animal.

So, at that point, most ranchers seek a young bull to run on their ranges with the herd. Unfortunately old does not mix with young. Old bull has to go. He goes the way of Geronimo, Sitting Bull, and the buffalo, and passes on to happy foraging grounds...

What are you talking about .. !! :  Okay, okay ... let's just say MooPig_W* is not trying to find a short term answer for a long term problem... eh?

*[That's pronounced 'MOO_PIG_ Ya' ... like our patron saint, 'DUB_ Ya']*

Previous question:  Okay. Middle Ground Lampoon errrr ... Parody, Humor-that-probably-ain't funny to most, and rusty nails ... rotten lumber and ... uh, and Organics !! How's that? We enjoy letting our tenable off campus resident Songwriter\Musician Recording Artist,  , and his gang of curmudgeons, handle all the advertising, and, vendor, brand and commercial accounting. Good luck finding him ...

What does Pribek look like: No one really knows. Have you ever seen Sasquatch? Well, we haven't seen Pribek ever either. But he\she\it periodically sends us messages and charts like these --

2 and 3
What is the Report from the Middle: That my friends is a feature that is lacking throughout the entire United States. What are you laughing at?

Our culture, or lack thereof, culturelessness, thinks everything in USA happens on our Pacific and Atlantic coasts. We disagree. Middle America has all the chops and sirloin. You want ethanol? We have the corn.

For an excellent example of the candle MooPig supposes to keep burning for Mid-America, a good comparative production for someone to listen to would be "A Prairie Home Companion" radio series. And, there is a movie out now by the same name starring Garrison Keeler one can watch. That would help answer this question. That was all pre-Internet live radio shows. That is our continuum contribution as in the charm and appeal of radio carried forward into the 21st century using Internet Tech. Ca'pici?

What is your main source of benchmark capital: ... Er .. Say what ?

Just how many MooPig-sters are there:  ... Three, I think, no we lost one. It's Two.

What price today does MooPig Wisdom pay to keep its central tenet alive for tomorrow:  ... what's that word? Tenet.  I have to look that one up ... one moment. I'll get back to you on that one. ... Yes! We are tenacious, right on !!

How do you protect your copy here at MooPig Enterprises: Uh, lately we have been laying down a line of suppression fire. Also, it turns out, we are thinking of contacting ATF and FDA, NRA and Wildlife Management about using our blog site to sell warrants and tags, and also maybe approve 15% of the shadow activities by State ID's for all of the USA through our explicit blog sites, MooPig Wisdom, MooPig Paint, and Italian Woman in Texas ... Pat's Kick Ass Truckers' Home, and others.

Soon we will be contacting DAKOTA Arms Dealer's list for support and protection of our copious notes and plagiarisms. We plan to eventually institutionalize operations. Why are you laughing again?

There's that, and of course we will be hiring Hell's Angels as our security team next year's International Pork Burger Fest, starring a special entertainment group out of Springfield, Missouri, by way of Memphis, ya'll.

What's the big deal MooPig makes out about Michael Phelps: You have to ask ??!
[ ... ]

YOU know we would love to continue, ... We could go on into infinity and beyond with this highly arrousing interview, but all good things must end.

We wish a happy Benchmark MooPig_W celebration for MooPig-sters everywhere; And to all a pleasant Christmas.

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