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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Pop Tests : : How Well do you Know Patrick H Darnell?

Thursday's Enigmatrix Impossible Multiple Choice
Most of the Answers are "e" and that still doesn't Help You Poor Subjects...

1) What is Patrick's current TOE; Theory of Everything?
a) Do you remember when...
b) We used to sing...
c) Sha la la la la la la...?
d) See: Hadron Collider Welder's Union
e) Never should have let Sally go, my brown eyed gurl

2) If I was running out of my burning house, what item would I grab?
a) My Michael Jackson, Jackson Five record collection
b) my book collections
c) my Bucket Lists
d) my Tickle Me Elmo, and Big Bird shirt
e) my ammunitions cabinets and Rebel Flags

3) What body part would I like to get a tattoo on?
a) my spleen, then only the coroner would see it
b) left big toe still numb from frost-bite
c) on someone else's body part

d) A and D are correct
e) my tongue

4) What would I be willing to eat for 10,000 dollars?
a) Chicago
b) Household items
c) a barrel of octopuses...
d) 10 thousand dollars
e) None of the above

5) What is my middle name?
a) Henry
b) Hynds
c) Heinz
d) Heffledore
e) Hermione

6) What song would I choose to sing at a karaoke bar?
a) MUNK, by Jack Pribek
b) WAGNER, R. "Meistersinger von Nuremberg"
c) "Turtle Dove" by Ralph Vaughan Williams

d) Music score for Schindler's List, Williams
e) Jesus Christ Superstar

7) Am I a good liar (I'll tell the truth this time!)?
a) When you say 'Yes' do you really mean 'No?'
b) Is that a Question?
c) I have only one day left to live...
d) Break Glass and Pull Down
e) Yes

8) Favorite childhood game is ________.
a) hiding in bushes
b) Broadside, Red Rover, Swingsets and tag
c) sleeping in boxes
d) digging in backyard
e) a, b c, and d are all correct

9) What is my sexiest feature?

a) fleas
b) face stubble you can't see
c) knee caps
d) liver
e) chest hair

10) How many times have I been abducted?
a) six times
b) half-a-dozen times
c) somewhere between 1 and 12 times
d) once while shopping at Wal-Mart
e) ask my brother

11) What is my favorite store to shop at?
a) Harrod's, London
b) Foolies, Houston
c) Needless Markup, Dallas
d) FAQ Schwartzies, New York
e) Hog Ear Music, Evanston

12) My blog is called ______?
a) MooPig Wisdom
b) MooPig Paint
c) Italian Woman in Texas
d) FAST -- Faithful and Steadfast to God
e) a, b c, and d are all correct

13) My favorite niece is ______________?
a) Carmen Lo Campo

b) Alicia Geades
c) Jennifer Darnell
d) Sylvia Boykin
e) Hedy Lamarr

14) How old was I when I went on my first date?
a) has yet to experience this event
b) was not popular in High School
c) had to take my Western Auto Flyer to pick her up
d) what again is the question?
e) a and b are correct

15) Who is my favorite cartoon character?
a) Popeye

b) Road Runner
c) Jessica Rabbit
d) a and e are correct
e) a is correct

16) What is my favorite pizza topping?
a) canned spinach
b) the works
c) Brazil
d) road kill
e) see question number five

17) What would be the perfect present for me?
a) 10 to 25 million dollars
b) 15 to 25 million dollars
c) 20 million dollars
d) 3,000 pounds of 24 karat gold
e) oh just any little thing..

18) In what city was I born?
a) Gotham City
b) Roswell
c) London
d) Lafayette
e) Fort Worth

19) What color suits me best?
a) Cranberry
b) Grape
c) Mustard

d) Blueberry
e) Turquoise

20) What is my favorite movie?
a) it has not yet been made
b) Restless Waitresses
c) Mongo
d) Flambeaux Seeks Love
e) Steal this Movie

21) I secretly would like to be ________ for a day?
a) smart
b) flexible
c) on time
d) paid
e) all of the above are correct

22) If you know me; then I know you... correct?
a) completely and absurdly incorrect

b) somewhat, but don't push it
c) yes, as a glimmer in your great grandpappy's eye
d) yes I know that to be true
e) awkwardly correct....

23) Who would I most like to meet?
a) "They"
b) Marlon Brando
c) St Patrick
d) Jesus of Galilee
e) all of the above are correct

24) What cell phone network do I use?
a) the Network to the Stars
b) the Network that never stops giving
c) the Network for the blind and crippled
d) the Network that I don't need
e) a and b are correct

25) If you have stayed with this till now, how do you describe you?
a) Retired and happy
b) Slipping into dementia
c) Laid off, collecting unemployment
d) a family member of mine
e) Brilliant and exceptional game player

Answers: 1e,2b,3c,4e,5b,6c,7e,8e,9e,10e,11e,12e,13b,14e,15d,16b,17c,18e,19e,20a,21e,22e,23e,24d,25d

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