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Saturday, November 21, 2009

UFO Hunter :: Area 52 Base Watch, Dugway UTAH

Para Dees
Retrieved by Pat Darnell mostly at Dark Presence and via Youtube

Dugway, UTAH, Proving Grounds 7 Decades now also Area 52 ??

Human Guinea Pigs during WWII, part of freedom of information act, ... admits contamination, and documents tell of tests run on human sujects at Dugway Proving Grounds... YIKES!!
Base Watch ??
Globe shaped UFO's sticking out down by the runway ... off hIGHWAY 199 that's a DEAD END
UFO Hunters use bicycles to keep from setting dust clouds up and to be more sTEALTHy, their land rover trucks were attracting tough guy guards, so why not go via bicycles?
Executive Branch of USA
Is it true there are 20 security levels above President [plausible deniability?] ??

Notes on 1/5 above: Area 51 is considered the ultimate top secret facility, one that UFO investigators believe houses an extraterrestrial secret. But is there an even more secretive facility?
In Dugway, UT, there is a remote testing facility sometimes referred to as Area 52. UFO watchers in this part of Utah have witnessed strange phenomena at this military site for over 10 years, leading to speculation that much of Area 51s secretive work is now conducted at Area 52.
The team examines video of bizarre beams of light seen shooting up from the area, meets with an astrophysicist who has charted mysterious cosmic rays operating out of Dugway, and analyzes photos that suggest something very strange is taking place.

Notes on 1/5 above: Theres a growing phenomenon of alleged UFO sightings known as Orbs. Witnesses who see the Orbs also report having dreams, premonitions, and a deep fear. Some believe that the Orbs coincide with earthquakes, while others claim that the sightings are clustered around sacred sites and petroglyphs that depict the Orbs in ancient artwork. The team will take their investigation to three of the most active Orbs locations in AmericaArizona, Indiana and Missourito examine video and talk to eyewitnesses, to unravel the mystery of why Orbs are appearing with alarming regularity, perhaps directed by an otherworldly intelligence.

Let's go to "The Comments," shall we? It is always adventure to trip into the subconciousness of human "naubstream media and becuos itsa ghost shasbad...." eh?
TrancePants78 What a load of over dramatized crap. Seems like this is another tool of fear used by the powers that be. "Somethings different! Be afraid!"
The orbs exist there is no doubt, but portraying them in this way doesn't do favours to anyone. Once everyone realises our connection to the universe, there will be nothing to fear at all. Educate yourselves, learn the true meaning of why we are here. It is more wonderful than you could ever imagine!!!


seko24041973 (1 week ago) i would take my knife by encountering such an orb, run against it, jump against like a suicid princess and scream:"GERONIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO!".......... so could work......!

unforgiven911 (1 week ago) Holy shit I've had the SAME experience!!! Orange ball of light just he described and dematerialized the moment I shined a 10 million candle power spot lamp on it. VERY EERIE!!!

manmarshall123456789 (1 week ago) becuos itsa ghost .... they r seeing ghosts LOL this is somthing for mystery guest not ufo's

kubalibre77 (1 week ago) Look, it´s Mork from "Orb" ! nano nano.. shasbad...

Zigguraths (1 week ago) well well finally i found this one... well done ;)

jonnykiller (1 week ago) this stuff is getting into naubstream media now? Thats something new. People have nothing to fear, they are not bad. These orbs are something much more then i can explain in a youtube comment :)

GregBierly (1 week ago) This thing killed the dogs, turned them into liquid puddles of meat and blood. I can't tolerate that. Sounds more like "the blob" than a UFO.

MooPigwisdom (today) Hey, why do they call it black budgie projects?? Do they carry around budgies in cages to warn of deadly, bad air?? Errrrr... MooPig has maintained that the real Area 52 is at the George Dubya Bush ranch at Caldwell, TX, just down the road from MooPig World Headquarters.
We're afraid to investigate it because we would surely die in a mysterioso plane crash ... if we did. pdaf

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