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Saturday, January 19, 2013

MooPig Clandestine Operations Department :: "International Man of Mystery Running for Public Office?

Just Google "173%, Romney, Panama ..." 
Retrieved by Pat Darnell | Jan 19, 2013 | Bryan TX
[Picture LINK] It is up to us to figure out who the culprits are, and what their methods are, who ruined our beloved country. We the people are responsible to end all corruption.

Bernie Madoff was thrown in jail, right? Bernie Madoff made 10.5% on his bogus returns... and got caught when he couldn't produce the cash to investors.

Why then is Romney free today after skimming his 173% returns on investments while heading up his company Bain Capital? That is why he wouldn't "release" his tax returns; because he usurped funds from secret operations, putting skimmed profits into foreign accounts, writing checks to his thug bosses, and chopping up company's in corporate hit-man fashion.

Who are the thug bosses -- start with the Bush's. How many of the jokers are loose today via CIA clandestine operations? Most of them aren't running for public office ... I don't think. That is how Robmoney got his mission in life twisted around.

Hey, Mitt, you can't be the International Man of Mystery and also run for Prez ... and that is why we make Mitt Robmoney the Dumbass of the 21st Century, before the century even gets started.

It is just one of many expose's of the retardation of the International Man of Mystery, Mitt Romney... and we can now say this type of crap is the mode of operations for most of our leadership in Washington... headed up by the venomous Bush's.

Corruption Mitt Romney: International Man of Mystery: "a decade of 173% yearly returns, Bain Capital, BrasscheckTV, Cocaine, Dick Cheney, George Bush Sr., Iran-Contra, Mitt Romney, money-laundering, narco-trafficking, Panama, The Bain Game, The Bush-Romney Connection"

Mitt Romney is a pitiful case ...
 'via Blog this'

Alexandra Bruce
October 19, 2012
" ...  This clip makes it pretty clear as to what Bain Capital and its CEO were up to throughout the 1990s and it explains the real source of Mitt Romney's phenomenal success as an asset manager.
So much of this information is publicly available, it is shocking that it's never previously been presented so clearly.

Firstly, Mitt Romney's close relationship with George Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney are newsworthy -- and it's also newsworthy that these close ties have NOT been in the news.

Secondly, the "Bain Game" played by Romney: when he left the management consulting firm, Bain and Company in 1989 to form his own company, of which he was the President, CEO and the sole stockholder, the name of his new company was "Bain Capital."

What? He left Bain and Company to form Bain Capital, a corporation with no legal ties to his former boss, Bill Bain?

As the President, CEO and sole stockholder of Bain Capital, Romney could write checks, contracts, audits -- he could do anything without ever having to explain anything to anyone about what went on at that company.

He had specifically set up Bain Capital in such a way that he could operate in complete secrecy. Why?

On July 19, 2012, the Los Angeles Times reported that Mitt Romney's super-secret Bain Capital had managed to pay out the staggeringly unreal average yearly return of 173% to its investors -- for over a decade!

Most of the funds which investors put into Bain Capital were channeled through corporations set up in Panama, long known to be a haven of secretive banking -- and of cocaine money laundering.

The State Department officially refers to Panama as the "Primary repository and conduit for Colombian and Mexican narco-trafficking cartels." Watch [the above] clip and don't let your jaw break when it hits the floor!

It is just one of many expose's of the retardation of the International Man of Mystery, Mitt Romney... and we can now say this type of crap is the mode of operations for most of our leadership in Washington...



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