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Sunday, January 13, 2013

MooPig Re-Run :: New Brands for BANDS -- "Brilliant Ideas Department at MooPig Enterprises"

*Originally Published 1/18/10 10:01 PM*

Developing New Label Ideas for a New Year
by Pat Darnell and Wri N Kullroecker

Everyone seeing Haiti Aid stuff all over, with promise of a soon-to-come Galactic level Spectacle performances from Bands and old stand-bys? Like DUBYA, and Willie.

Wondering 'HOW' you and your Band too can hustle all that open TV exposure, when other wise you can't find a stage -- no, ne'er even a street corner -- to play your deluge ocean of emotion music ... ?

Wonder no more; MooPig Enterprises' "Branding Department" has an idea for starving musicians.

Instead of providing Aid after-the-fact, MooPig's talented "Head Hunters Department" suggests a regional dispatch for Bands 'WHEN' the disasters are actually happening. The USA has very precise regional disaster corridors; and incredibly advanced warning systems are every day being heralded.

"There are many empty spaces, and dead air, resulting from concert-type Disaster-Aid lag-times; those need to be filled," say those who measure such things.

Why not provide Disaster Rockers Inc when a disaster is developing. Regional dispatch can round up the next Band will-call and rotate into disaster sites, to set up Stadium Rock Fest's.

This way the responding BAND -- or for really large cataclysms, multiple BANDs-- receive buckets full of much deserved Exposure !!

No doubt with international news wires also on site, your BAND will Rock the Headlines every time. And, don't forget the MUSIC itself, with the disaster as backdrop your Band will provide interludes of tunes for all the anxious queuing families, rubber-neckers, and onlookers.

Rescuers will appreciate your efforts as well: you can play your UNION Musician card with the Fire Dept and EMS groups... eh?

"It takes a village to have a disaster," say proponents of over-population groups.

Some "What to include" suggestions come to mind:

  • Candles
  • Cookies
  • Kettle Korn
  • Coffee
  • MRE's
  • Boots, blankets, Bingo
  • Weather Proofing
  • Instruction Booklets
  • Signage
  • Diesel fired Generators
  • Traffic Cones
  • Hats 

Larger items could be on-hand similar to READY MEN or like a Red Cross 'BAND' Wagon, combining Entertainment with Rescue, E and R:

  • Disaster Relief Housing
  • Press Station
  • Mohawk Grenades
  • Junior Opening Band [preferable a local cadre]
  • Leaflets and Billings of your activities
  • Professional dance starter duo's
  • Professional Hippies and Skin Heads Moshing
  • NEVE Board

... And of course any up to date Disaster Relief BAND will bring:  WiFi and Hot Spot \ Wireless \ Laptops \ Sound and Filming Crew \ and your $Ten Million BOND information on hand

"Mudslides, Missiles, Alien Abductions, Tornadoes, Rioting after Sporting Events, Pearl Harbor and World Trade-like events, Oil Fires, Disastrous Movie Premiers, and a plethora of National Disasters and not having mentioned Climate related human tossing calamities yet," explain those who have a stake in disasters. "Don't forget all the opportunity around the entire world, also."

That is so right! Glaciers melting, Pyroclastic clouds, Monsoons, Islands sinking into the oceans in Dubai, Neutron Star Matter hitting Earth, Vogons,  ... not shabby stuff for the On-the-Spot READY Instant-it-Happens Disaster BAND ....

Others, like BIONIC BEAUTYTalking about most recent Disaster, Earthquake in Haiti:
In times of natural disaster, our world seems to forget the boundaries that separate us. It’s truly awe-inspiring for me. These last few days, I have shed many tears while watching the news casts of the earthquake that devastated much of Haiti. Twitter and Facebook are still hotbeds of activity for information and for ways to help. But with anything, it’s best to be informed. When Michael DeVellis, the Executive Director of The Powder Group (which also publishes the my favorite On Makeup Magazine) sent me the information below, I immediately asked if I could share it with all the Bionic Beauties out there. [Read more Parlay HERE ...]

GET on YOUR BAND-AID Wagon or Boat, or what ever you Got !!

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