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Sunday, December 20, 2009

8th Day of Wisdom :: I receive --

... Eight Emotive Rambles, Creating Eight Votive Ambitions ...

-- Seven Works in Progress ...
-- Six Slap Bass Jazz-ists ....
-- Five clever Elves a-Leaping ...
-- Four girls from Hyndsver ...
-- Three non-French-made farm implements ...
-- two Rocket--Men,

-- and a labile Dan-de-li-on on a breeze ..."

Eight Emotive Rambles, Creating Eight Ambitions
by Pat Dazneil and A'Roma Addicks, with Mike

Based loosely on a movie "Danny Deckchair:"
Pat and Mike converse:

1) Pat: Emo Babble once said if you live on the upper floor, you can always have a country piss off your balcony. and  i know you will get me into a circle of strangers to expose me for what I am ... You know my best friend Rick? I think I just realized something, you know...   and you are in a twelve steppin' addnoid group, and state run therefore limited in your ability to perform in religious church capacity, even if we wanted to... underfunded, and you will tell me what I'm not... and we will resume the mad ness. ... did I ever tell you i have two madness hours a day ? It is 4AM to 5AM every morning... 4 PM to 5 PM every afternoon ... it is the time I am most livid... and mad and eat up.... I hate Houston, it is like a pit of Hell ... then all of a sudden there's a stark metal and glass monolith springing up from no where... the Houston skyline looks like a decaying molar... I hear Houston is a great place to be FROM...!

2) Mike: I am going mad... listening to you.       AACCCKKK! you said stuff like that your whole life long. did you ever get tot the bottom of that ladder? ... did you get a postitraction hoist to the root of your problem?
Pat: NO! I missed all that, what is that?

3) Pat: They gave me a label, they gave me a pill, they gave me a boardwalk, and I took a spill.

4) Mike: You're NUTS!
Pat: Yeah well a country piss is the most satisfying piss... and if you had a couple of beers that makes it sublime.
Mike: You and your constant obsession with pissing on nature...!
Pat: Well, on the job there isn't always a place to exonerate your wolf scent... besides what do you suppose guys climbing mountains are doing? Do they put their peepee in little bottles shake them up and recycle? Or the moon landings.. those alpha males would've if they could've... we once lived in Des Plaines... near O'hare...
Mike: Okay, Okay, You just babble all day long... but it is okay, because eventually you make some sense. Wolf scent? That's a funny one.

5) Mike: You're wearing a cloth around your head.
Pat: Yeah, well sometimes I have to feed both sides of my mouth...
Mike: Huh?
Pat: Well like 'Danny Deckchair' when he flew in a balloon-borne, deckchair from his back yard in Nullardor and landed in a mercantile town of Clarence .. back in Nullardor, he was a little "bloke" but became the new city's person of Hope, Value, and prosperity... and mirth...
Mike: Huhun huhu ... blurble smack pleeble boffel Emotive Babbler! What the heck is Nullardor, anyway? You are just like 'Cheech and Chong' all rolled into one.

6) Pat: Sisters have done a lot of damage over the years. Just drop in, see for your selves...
Mike: Your sisters are stud hoss's.
Pat: Yea'm, maybe more like stud boss's...

7) Pat: I have to understand this, don't you get it? I have to know things inside out.

8) Mike: Well?  
Pat:  ----       Well?
Mike: Can you slow down Pat? Everyone needs a little break in the ACTION!
Pat: What action?
Mike: Precisely.
Synopsis "Danny Deckchair"

Danny (Rhys Ifans) is a cement worker looking forward to his long-planned holiday with live-in girlfriend Trudy (Justine Clark). But Trudy has other plans, especially when local TV celebrity Sandy Upman (Rhys Muldoon) shows interest. Danny escapes his suburban prison by blasting into the skies sitting in a deck chair tied with helium-filled balloons. But his escapade blows him far away towards the lush green village of Clarence, where he crashes into the world of Glenda (Miranda Otto), the town’s only parking cop. A change is as good as a holiday they say, and Danny gets change allright. [SOURCE]

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A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"

A Fantastically Flawed Script for a Jazz Rock Opera -- "GAZA"
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