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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Googala-a-Boogala-Zombogala-Systemogalao 2009

Hey Big Brother, I'm the Cup -- You're the Tea...
Hey Big Brother, I'm the Pup -- You're the Flea...
Hey Big Brother, We gonna Sup -- We're on TV !!!! Yea, Yea, Yea
by Pat Darnell, and the Putzler Prize Winning Putz Family

[SOURCE] Crooked Pants, Blogger Dan Visconti

What's the best thing Google released or announced this year?

  • Chrome OS
  • Google Wave
  • Droid/Android Updates
  • Gmail updates
  • Search engine upgrades
  • Chrome browser updates and extensions
  • Speed tools
  • Other: "...|X| -- when they released the Wind ... phhffffftttt!
    At their launch earlier this month, Wind executives said they would welcome the rumoured Google phone onto their network.

When technologists of the future look back in time, they'll remember 2009 as the year Google got serious about an internet operating system, speeding up the web, and indexing EVERYTHING in sight. Take a look at the year 2009 in Google.
Google's Three Biggest Launches of 2009
Two of the three most significant Google releases of 2009 are not yet available to the public in a final release build, but all three are open source. In no particular order:
Chromium OS: In July, Google got Microsoft and Apple shaking in their boots when they announced they were building an operating system. The source code for Chrome OS (in its development phase it's called Chromium OS) became available in November; early adopters can run virtual machine images and bootable USB drive versions of the OS.

Google Wave: In May, Google demonstrated their new, real-time collaboration webapp,Google Wave, to a crowd of incredulous developers who couldn't stop applauding. In September, they invited 100,000 users to try the Wave Preview. By now, over one million users have joined the Wave Preview. We wrote a book about Wave; and you can give and get Wave invitations on our dedicated forum page.
Android 2.0/Droid: While Android-based handsets were already available when the year started, the Motorola Droid debuted in November running Android 2.0 (with turn-by-turn GPS capabilities) and took on the iPhone in its "Droid Does" ad campaign. Google also releaseda flurry of Android-only applications and updates to existing ones in 2009 to boost their mobile platform, including the Google Voice app (which Apple rejected on the iPhone), the amazing Google Goggles app, Google Maps enhancements, and Google Listen.
Google's Most Updated Apps of 2009
While a few Google products did get shut down, "sunsetted," or just didn't change much, several marquee apps grew up a whole lot this year with serious feature additions and upgrades.

Search Engine Upgrades: Remember when Google was just a search engine? Googlers do, because they're still busy bees improving search results and rolling out new ways to get to them. This year saw the rollout of Google web search's Caffeine update, as well asmusic, social, and real-time search, along with several new Google Image search options, and updates to the Google Suggest drop-down.
Gmail: Thanks to Gmail Labs, our favorite web-based email client got a slew of new features for power users, from automatic translations to offline attachments to time zone notifiers to exportable mail filters. If you haven't recently, cruise through your Gmail account's Labs area to pick and choose from over 60 experimental features. Gmail's mobile web application for the iPhone and on Android also saw an overhaul and vast improvement this year.
Chrome web browser: Google's own browser, Chrome, saw a whole lot of movement in 2009, especially late in the year with the release of bookmark sync, official beta builds for Mac and Linux (finally!), and Chrome extensions.
Google News also saw a couple of interesting experiments like Fast Flip and the News Timeline.
Google's Mission to Speed Up the Web

If there's any one thing Google did this year, it was launch a concerted effort on all fronts to make the web faster. From developer tools (like Speed Tracer and the Google Web Toolkit) to consumer products (like Chrome and Google Public DNS), it's kind of astounding the sheer amount of stuff Google put out there this year under the speed umbrella. They're even going so far as attempt to reinvent the two pillar protocols of email and the web with Waveand SPDY (a faster replacement for HTTP).
And the rest....
2009 was also the year of a few legal skirmishes (like the Google Books settlement, theCyanogen C&D, the Google Voice/FCC dust-up), a few acquisitions (like reCAPTCHA, Gizmo5, and AppJet), and data control initiatives (the Google Dashboard and the Data Liberation Front).
You could say it was a pretty busy year at the Googleplex.

Google's 2009 Product Release Calendar
Take a chronological ride through the last four seasons at Google in this list of 2009 product releases and updates, listed month by month.
Offline Gmail gets released with Google Gears
Picasa for Mac released
Google Latitude and search by voice for Android launch
Google Sync for your mobile phone launches
Google Calendar goes offline with Google Gears
Google Profiles show up at the bottom of search results
Updated mobile Gmail and Google Calendar webapps for iPhone and Android launch
Google Maps mashup tracks swine flu
GV Mobile makes Google Voice the default for your iPhone (later, Apple pulled this app from the iTunes Store for reasons that are still unclear)
Engineers demo Google Wave at the Google I/O conference, give developers access to the Wave "sandbox"
Google Apps Sync syncs Microsoft Outlook with Gmail, Google Contacts, and Calendars (updates with push Gmail in September)
Google Squared puts your search results into a spreadsheet
Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, and Talk leave beta

FeedDemon, NetNewsWire sync exclusively with Google Reader
Google announces Chromium OS (but doesn't release any code, doctored screenshots and fan-made versions start popping up)
Apple rejects all Google Voice applications from the iTunes Store
Gmail Tasks graduates from Google Labs (where it first appeared in December of 2008)
Gmail makes importing mail and contacts from old email accounts easy
PubSubHubbub gets baked into Google Reader
Google Wave Preview opens to 100,000 users
GrandCentral closes its doors, transitions entirely to Google Voice
Google Sidewiki launches
Google offers voicemail storage and transcriptions for your existing phone number(part of Google Voice)
Google Maps Navigation adds turn-by-turn GPS to Android
Google Voice gives existing users invitations to send to their friends
Chrome OS announced, Chromium build demo'ed and source code released (here's how you can try out a Chromium build yourself)
Google Chrome adds bookmark sync
Google releases Go, a new programming language
Chrome browser hits Mac/Linux with extensions enabled (Chrome for Windows left beta in December of 2008)

Google's new real-Time search includes Twitter streams
Google Public DNS launches
Google "lets the sun set" on Gears, moving to HTML5
Google Goggles for Android searches the web by photo
Google Favorite Places puts a barcode on restaurants and shops you can scan with your mobile phone
It turns out, GOOGLE Blogspot is the Birth-Mother of MooPig Wisdom Blogger... and one would think we at MooPig International are a bit flippant.

And it is a fact that so far the blogger end of our enterprise has not cost even one cent for the over million words and images posted for three years now... for that, MooPigsters everywhere are heartfelt grateful. No Lie. 

We the editor team of MooPig INT, are fully aware of ourselves, by now, and want to report now on our business end of GOOGLE Blogging -- MooPigWisdom.Blogspot.Com -- is built with Charity. 

That's Right! Built entirely with Volunteerism -- a massive experiment to give GOOGLE raw data from our fingertips -- ... and Love

So for the Sacred Covenant of Mother and Child, we at MooPig Wisdom International wish all a very :: Happy  NEW  YEAR, 2010 !!!

Stay, however, safe -- if you drink do not date -- do not drink and drive; and for the love of GOD do not forget to return right here for more lightning WIT and MooPig WISDOM next Year 2010.

CYA then Pardners. [Editors]

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