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Saturday, December 05, 2009

MooPig Site Reviews: Blog of Record by Al

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This from "Posts Tagged ‘climate change scam’"
So, What Will Take the Place of Global Warming?
By: Al
Published: November 28th, 2009 [HERE]
It is now clear (well, confirmed – it was always clear as day) that the computer models on which the whole climate change theory was built were simply made up. As these models are also a big part of the 2007 report by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that got it the joint Nobel peace prize with Al Gore, it is my understanding that the Nobel committee will ask them to return the prize, with interest, any time now.

Seriously speaking, though, the green totalitarians are far from defeated. Too much is at stake – global power, plain and simple – for them to give up even after their scheme has been exposed. Indeed, they would be fools to give up now when their powerful allies, the news media, are putting their news-burying and spinning skills to good use and when the U.S. president, despite everything, is going to Copenhagen to pledge large unilateral cuts in “carbon emissions”.

But when the carbon racket finally is defeated, expect another, yet-unknown global scare to take its place within a few short years. The international left will need a new weapon in its assault against capitalism, economic development and freedom. So if sometime soon you notice that the media are starting to bombard you with soft, well-produced propaganda about something new that is endangering the world and requires global-governance treaties and trillions of dollars to prevent, you’ll know the same people are behind it. And you can bet your carbon footprint that right now, these people are already hard at work on their next big thing.

I wonder what it will be. (AL. 11.28.2009. blogofrecord LINK)

Conclusion: Hi Al, I'll be your Body Guard, and I'll call you Al -- OK? Other wise we could not say what you have said any better. [pdaf]

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