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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Global Warming is False: Inflated Resumes Gore Themselves: Get your Climate Cheat Sheets

Life is a Carnivore, and other Cliche Deconstructions
by Pat Darnell, Tnilc Wakorb, George Thistleeeter, and T H Inne

It is a global question -- what is the real change? Starbucks made a small omission in their fifty year effort to turn carnivores inside out. But with Copenhagen Cultural Guide and a few key phrases, even Starbucks can move mountains. And the C-Class at Starbucks HQ might consider Bacon and Pork Burgers along with their beverage items. We at MooPig the Unfriendly are doing our best to alert the WORLD of the climate change gathering in Copenhagen... even though we are not invited.

Copenhagen is going to nod toward Brazil, and South American wishes, just wait and see. If you are attending, then you will find Life as a Carnivale will CHANGE to be Life as a Carnivore. That is, we will learn to live off our own wastes... or perish as over-stuffed moopig's.
From The Times | December 3, 2009
Cheat sheets: your Copenhagen cultural guide _________________***
If you are quick there's still time to sound intelligent about the climate change pow-wow. Read and see these... HERE [excerpts below]
Review this: Our Choice, A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis
by Al Gore

TIMESonline Says: ... After scaring us all into apathy in An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore is back with a book designed to redress the balance. An upbeat introduction insists that we have the time and the tools to tackle climate change. Gore says that we are now aware of the problem and theoretically committed to finding a solution. A poem by the man himself underscores the point. Gore is not, however, a natural poet.

In prose, the core of the Gore philosophy is simple; with political will we can curb our reliance on fossil fuels, thus solving the climate crisis, the economic gloom and the political folly of over-reliance on oil.

This is not a game plan for the individual — Gore is concerned with the political, economic and social framework for change. Renewable energy must receive the backing of governments and markets. Gore is a big fan of geothermal energy, nuclear energy is over-rated and expensive.

Alongside a renewed political and fiscal investment in renewable must come a punitive price on carbon emissions. Gore suggests that a combination of a carbon tax and a cap-and-trade system would work, but it needs agreement across international borders.

"We need," says Gore, "a new vision of capital markets; a sustainable capitalism and an end to untrammelled materialism. Support for forests must come into any international agreement on a price for carbon; up to 23 per cent of carbon emissions come from burning the world’s forests."
Do say: "Everyone with a voice at Copenhagen needs to read this book."
Don’t say: "Please keep writing poetry, Mr Gore."
Challenged by Carbon: the Oil Industry and Climate Change
by Bryan Lovell

Do say: Governments should recognise that oil companies can be heroes as well as villains.
Don’t say: What’s the difference between sedimentary and igneous?
Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet
by Mark Lynas

Do say: We are messing with the climatic thermostat of this planet at our extreme — and growing — peril.
Don’t say: Roll on barbecue summers.
I think you all are catching marvelously. So to it go, and blow the wind to a better 'morrow, whither 'tis brighter in May, soon we will have less to say. There is always HOPE.

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